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February 8


   3D Shooters
: Blood
  Blood is the game that started it all, since its release in March '97, and until now, Blood has retained its title as one of the best FPS games ever made.

You are Caleb, a member of the Cabal, an un-earthly cult lead by the dark god Tchernobog. You and the other Chosen ones are cast down without reason or warning, it's up to you to find out why, and kick a lil' ass on the side.

One of Blood's most memorable features was its excellent multiplayer, a.k.a. Bloodbath. Fast, intense, hilarious, and gruesome, a refreshing break from the slow moving, and weak weaponry of games like Quake. Blood's online community is still as strong as it was when the game was released, most of the 'bloodites' (hardcore Blood fans, like myself) can be found posting regularly on the Blood Forums, stop by!

Also available is the Plasma Pak, and addon for Blood including new weapon effects, new enemies, and a whole new episode. For more information on both of these products, visit the official page.

If you don't have Blood yet, GET IT!
Order the Plasma Pak here.

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