February 8


   3D Shooters
: Blood 2
  Blood 2, sequel to the best (imo) FPS ever created, it holds true to the original feel and gameplay, but with greatly improved graphics thanks to Monolith's amazing LithTech engine.

Again, you're Caleb, after defeating the dark god Tchernobog in the first game, Caleb returns to the dark city streets, plotting to overthrow the Cabal and become the leader himself. Gideon, the new leader of the Cabal, isn't too keen with this idea. Gideon makes life hell for Caleb, sending out numerous Cabal to find and kill you. The game starts with Caleb on a subway ride, only to be interupted by Gideon himself, and his minions. Caleb decides it's time to kick some ass.

Featuring 20 weapons, 30+ levels, and tons of enemies, Blood 2 is a very satisfying single player game, though no where as good as the first Blood.

Blood 2's Bloodbath mode is EXTREMELY fun, fast paced, and extremely bloody, just like the first. Many levels make their return, such as MidGard, and Area 15 (from the Plasma Pak).

Blood 2 is currently available at the GameSpy Black Market, Monolith will begin distributing it from their own store soon.

For further information, visit the official Blood 2: The Chosen website.

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