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**Please do not read any story marked NC17 if you are under the age of 18.

Note: Some of these stories were written quite a while ago.  In fact, some of them now embarrass the hell out of me.  But I wrote them, and liked them at the time, so here they are....  Luckily, I'm still proud of most of them.  :-)  All new stories will appear here on this page approximately a week before sent to EMXC or posted on any newsgroup.  And if you like them, tell me!




The Wine Series.  **All of the Wine stories are rated NC17 for explicit sexual situations.**

Wine.  The first time.

Wine 2: The Hangover.  The aftermath.

Wine 3: Bordeaux, or How to Have Sex in the Office Without Anyone Knowing About It.

Wine 4: Chardonnay.  Dirty Word Scrabble.

Wine 5: Mead.  Erotic fun at a Renaissance Fair.

Wine 6: Zinfandel in a Box.  A little bondage, anyone?

Wine 7: Merlot.  Mulder and Scully join the Mile High Club.

Wine 8: Bartles & Jaymes.  M&S pass the time in a hot motel.  Yes, it is what you think.

Wine 9: Beaujolais Nouveau.  Water sports, both in and out of the water.


You Can't Go Home Again.  Mulder takes Scully to his high school reunion.

Home Is Where the Heart Is  **NC17 for sexual situations**  Mulder and Scully deal with the consequences of Mulder's confession.


Divided We Fall.   Frustrated and weary, Scully takes a three-month leave from the X-Files and tries to sort out her life.  Rated R for sexual situations and language.

Divided Soul.  A prequel of sorts to "Divided We Fall," depicting Cece's visit to Washington.  Rated R for sexual situations and language.  *Winner: Best Drama, Best Sequel, 1998 EMXC Awards*


Hopeless.  **NC17 for sexual situations**  Mulder acts impulsively, and he and his partner must deal with the consequences.  


Losing Battles.  In the aftermath of the Modell/"Pusher" case, Mulder struggles with lingering feelings of guilt while Scully deals with attention from another man.  An ode to Agent Brophy.  :-)


Six-Letter Word for Sex.  Rated R for language and sexual situations.  Your standard phone sex piece.  Smut alert!


Portions of Eternity.  **Some sections are NC17 for sexual situations**  In the post-colonization world, a very changed Mulder and Scully struggle to find their way back to each other - both physically and emotionally. (A word of warning, this is much longer than any of my other stories -- 242K.)


                Just Tell Him Yes by Binah.  This is a vignette Binah wrote, inspired by "Portions of Eternity," and I just liked it so much I asked if I could put it up on my page.  Read it and send her feedback!


Shot Through the Heart.  An "X-Files"/"Cupid" crossover.  In effect, an episode of "Cupid" with Mulder and Scully as the guest couple.  You do not have to have seen "Cupid" to understand this story.  "Cupid" may be gone but it will not be forgotten...


L'Eau Bon.  **NC17 for sexual situations.** I suppose this could technically be considered a vignette, but I don't think of it as one.  An alternate ending to "Agua Mala," one that would have made the episode a great deal more enjoyable. <g> What if Mulder and Scully hadn't found their way to the apartment complex?



Just Another New Year's Eve.  The title says it all.

A Scene of Christmas UST.  Holiday silliness.  Real short.

Moment at the End of the World.  A genre change piece.  M&S at the brink of the Civil War.

Syzygy, Schmyzygy.  A post-episode piece.  Had to end the acrimony!

Empty.  **NC17 for sexual situations**  Inspired by "Leonard Betts," but not a post-episode piece.  Short but moody.

Memorandum.  The real deal made between Skinner and CSM, with a little help from a second-string publisher.

Just a Touch.  A post-movie piece.  Short and sweet.  Had to get it out of my system!

Dream Waltz.  Scully dreams a little dream.  Rated PG, pure fluff.

Blame.  Takes place some time after "The Beginning."  Kind of dark. Scully self-flagellation.

Nooner.  Sure, we care, but does she?  Spoilers for "Dreamland."

Another Night.  Mulderangst.  Strong R rating for language and sex.

Impasse.  Takes place during "One Son."  Trying to repair a little of the damage Carter hath wrought.

Breakable.  Spooning and Mulderangst.

Choice.  Post-"Milagro" fic.  Moody.

Seventh-Inning Stretch.  Post-"Unnatural" fic.  Schmoop, baby, schmoop.

Naming.  Takes place during "Je Souhaite."


Written with MD1016:

Sal From 4C.  **NC17 for sexual situations**  Mulder and Scully have a huge fight and hilarity ensues.  Well, we thought it was funny.




Ghosts.  Takes place in between SW and ESB.  Explores Han and Leia's relationship, with a focus on Leia and her past.   *First Place Short Story Winner in the Star Wars Online Fan Club Creativity Contest*

Time Out.  Takes place in between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back.  Explores Han and Leia's relationship.  *Second Place Short Story Winner in the Star Wars Online Fan Club Creativity Contest*

Need  **NC17 for sexual situations**  Han and Leia consummate their relationship after returning from Tatooine.  Takes place during Return of the Jedi.

Rising to the Occasion.  Leia and Han discover they're going to be parents, and predictably freak out.  Not an NC17, but I'd give this one an R rating to be safe.

 Interlude.  **NC17 for sexual situations.**  Han and Leia manage to find a few minutes for themselves in the days following the final Death Star battle, as Han questions where to go from there. 

Touch.  A brief Leia internal monologue.  Some sexual content, but nothing too explicit.

A Mother's Regret.  A brief piece, the musings of Luke and Leia's mother.

Empty Victories.  **NC17 for sexual situations.**  A Phantom Menace fic.  Bridging the gap between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon's argument on the landing platform at Coruscant, and Obi-Wan's apology on Naboo.  Please note: this is a slash story, depicting explicit male/male sex.  If you're underage, offended by this sort of thing, or simply not interested, PLEASE, do NOT read this.  

Persistence of Doubt.  **NC17 for sexual situations**  Another Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon fic.  Obi-Wan struggles with public perception and his own careening emotions.  Pre-TPM.  Please note: this is a slash story, depicting male/male sex.  If you're underage, offended by this sort of thing, or simply not interested, PLEASE, do NOT read this.  


Alone.  Something that might have happened between Rick and Lisa during that two-year period between the episodes "Force of Arms" and "Reconstruction Blues."  Told from Lisa's point of view.

Night.  **NC17 for sexual situations.**  Lisa and Rick seek comfort in each other following the events at the end of The Macross Saga.  

Willful Hearts.  **NC17 for sexual situations.**  Rick and Lisa just being themselves in their own unique way.  Takes place two years after The Macross Saga.  

Warm Body, Aching Heart.  **NC17 for sexual situations**  If Rick and Lisa did sleep together during Reconstruction, how could it have happened?  Here's one possibility.

Waning Hours on a Rainy Night.  Lisa and Rick's conversation following the episode "A Rainy Night."

Birthday.  Lisa's first birthday following the Macross Saga.  Mushy cheese alert.  <g>

Fleeting Escape.  Rick and Lisa try to cope with the pressures of their upcoming wedding and the SDF-3 mission.

Normal.  A short piece from the POV of Roy, Rick and Lisa's son.

Babysitting.  A short, cheesy piece.  Lisa and Rick babysit Dana Sterling.  A frightening thought, I know. <g>

Inevitability.  **NC17 for sexual situations**  Lisa and Rick find comfort in each other following the events of The Macross Saga.  Told from Lisa's point of view.


General Hospital fanfic

V Stories:

New Year's Eve.  A short vignette from the perspective of Venus Ardanowski.

In the Car.  Another short V piece.  Hanging out with Maxie Jones!

Grief.  V consoles Jax in the wake of Brenda's death.  Real short.

Snow.  V and AJ meet on the grounds of the Quartermaine estate after dark.

Reclamation.  V/Jerry.  NC17 for sexual situations.  Smut ahead.


Luke/Felicia Stories:

We Who Are About To Die.  Felicia and Luke, trapped together, facing what could be their last moments on earth...what can I say, the incredible chemistry between Kristina Wagner and Tony Geary finally got to me.  Rated R for sexual situations.

Close Quarters.  More Luke/Felicia fic.  Our intrepid heroes trapped together in a closet.  <g>  Rated PG13.

Oyster Bay.  My version of the road trip Luke and Felicia take to the Oyster Bay Quartermaine home.  No resemblance to the GH version.

Effortless.  A short vignette -- Luke's internal musings about Felicia.


Dawson's Creek fanfic

Standing in the Sun.  A Pacey vignette, set directly after "Stolen Kisses."

Slow Day.  A day on the boat, following "True Love."  More P/J.


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