February 8


   Role Playing Games
: Rage of Mages 2

Across a barren wasteland, a sleeping evil crawls from the depths of the earth. Only the strongest band of adventurers will survive a perilous journey to the Necromancer’s lair to defeat his army of the undead. Rage of Mages 2: Necromancer unleashes a deadly combination of features for an entirely new game experience. Role-playing/strategy fans must battle over 30 lethal foes on their quest to defeat the evil machinations of the Necromancer Guild. On their journey through dank forests and burning deserts, players will seek allies in unexpected places and discover the resting place of an ancient artifact rumored to hold the power to defeat even the most powerful Necromancer in a one-on-one contest of wills!

Rage of Mages 2 will feature:

  • 43 non-linear, branching missions.
  • New story set in an original realm. Players lead their party of adventurers through Middle-Eastern desert cities and arboreal druid villages.
  • Totally new multiplayer arenas support up to 16 players. In addition, character data now resides fully on the server to prevent player cheating.
  • New multiplayer map editor.
  • Over 200 new weapons, armor, spells, objects and buildings.
  • 52 additional races and 14 new monstrosities to conquer.
  • New ally system. Players can now crush the competition by allying with Orcs and Trolls, as well as with people.

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