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From 1928 to 1933 Kodak made several colored and deco-styled cameras that were designed to appeal specifically to the style-conscious women of the twenties. In 1928 Kodak hired Walter Dorwin Teague, a well-known American industrial designer to create cameras with a classier, more elegant look. He first created the Series III Vest Pocket Vanity Kodak, a metal and embossed


leather camera that came in five colors: Bluebird (deep blue), Cockatoo (green), Sea Gull (gray), Redbreast (red), and Jenny Wren (brown). To keep the women of the twenties looking their cosmopolitan best while snapping pictures, Teague next designed the Vanity Kodak Ensemble outfit, which included a color-coordinated camera, lipstick holder, compact, mirror and change purse in a fitted case. Similar models included the more common Ensemble, and the very rare Coquette.


     The most popular Kodak cameras of the twenties and thirties were designed for the entire family. Brownies came in six bright, fun colors. The Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Camp Fire Girls' Kodak cameras were each manufactured with scout logos imprinted on the body and

 cases. The Scout models were Model B Vest Pocket Kodak's like the Petites. The Petite model also came in five colors, and special versions were made with deco metal and enamel face plates, one with a step pattern, a lightning bolt pattern and a diamond door pattern. The most spectacular of all the box cameras was again designed by Walter Dorwin Teague, the Beau Brownie. The Beau Brownie was made in two sizes and came in five colors with a modern deco two-tone pattern on the face and box. During the Christmas season of 1930 a Gift Kodak was offered, in a cedar wood presentation box with matching deco design. 

     The finest of all the Teague designed cameras was the Kodak Bantam Special, a master- piece of art-deco styling.

      Please enjoy my collection of colored and deco model Kodak cameras. The collection includes all of these models plus the Rainbow Hawkeye Vest Pockets, and a special Mickey Mouse Kodak. Also included is my collection of cine cameras and projectors.

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