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Hi, and welcome to my growing collection of Kodak Cameras.

A few words about myself. I live in Jersey in the Channel Islands (Europe) and I look something like the self portrait above, but you didn't come here to read about me! So on to the cameras... the camera in the picture above is my Retina IIc fitted with the 80mm lens and auxilliary viewfinder, loaded with ancient but usable Eastman 4-X. The shot was made into a mirror and scanned into the computer with a Tamron Fotovix III via my ATM Interface.

I've arbitrarily divided the cameras into several groups, inevitably some cameras will fall into more than one description, ie: a No.2 Folding Brownie will appear both in Brownie Cameras and Folding Cameras as well as in the film size category. By definition if a camera doesn't "fold", that is, have bellows, it's a box or viewfinder camera, if there is no other classification to suit.

I've based these categories loosely on the definitions used in the very fine book "Kodak Cameras, The First Hundred Years" by Brian Coe (ISBN 906447-44-5). Unlike some other publications, this book actually covers almost all of the "Kodak" and "Brownie" branded output of Kodak in the various countries where they have had manufacturing facilities, although inevitably there will be one or two omissions. Hawkeye, Graflex and Premo cameras are merely listed, rather than detailed with photographs. The more esoteric specialist and professional cameras are not covered at all.

All of the photographs on these pages, unless otherwise noted, have been taken by myself of cameras in my own collection and as such I retain copyright to them. Technical specifications, where documented, have usually been taken from the cameras themselves or the accompanying documentation. These, therefore, may differ from publications who's reference is dissimilar to my own. The cameras in the collection are not for sale, but I am prepared to trade any surplus items I may have on a "like-for-like" basis and will happily look out for any particular items if so requested. Please note, just because I live in Jersey doesn't mean I have a surplus of "albino" Brownie 127s. I've only ever heard of three or four and only recently found one for myself.

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The Author is a private individual with an admiration for Kodak Cameras and has absolutely no connection with Kodak or any other product or publication which may be mentioned on these pages.

It is noted that many of the camera types, logos and other products are trademarks of their respective owners and are acknowledged as such.