Mitchell's parents divorced when he was six years old. His father then disappeared shortly after being served with his child support requirements. Mitch's mother remarried, but the man in question resented supporting someone else's child when he was already doing it so tough. They endured each other for a number of years, but as Mitch grew older and began to assert himself a full-scale war broke out between the two. Mitch's mother was the only thing keeping Mitch on track and at home.

When Mitch was twelve his mother was diagnosed with cancer. More and more Mitch was left in his stepfather's care, and while the man wasn't violent, he made sure Mitch would be miserable and rarely if ever get his way with anything around the house. Mitch put up with the situation, determined not to be a burden on his mother or cause her any further concerns. In the end, he was with his mum in hospital when she died. He knew without being told that he was now on his own and it was no surprise when his stepfather threw him out, sending him on his way with nothing to his name but what he was wearing.

Mitch found a way to get to the beach and began living off his wits. In his second week, walking, hitching and scamming rides on public transport, he reached Summer Bay. His search for a place to spend his first night ended at the wharf, where he jumped onto a boat and settled in.

Mitch is intelligent. He's creative with a musical bent. He loves the water although he's never really had the opportunity to get really good at watersports. His only real skill came from a school camp where he learnt to windsurf. He's a natural at most things, picking them up easily and with confidence. His sometimes cocky nature and self assuredness makes him a natural leader. His fierce determination to stand alone without anyone's help will hide the intense hurt that he's yet to deal with over the death of his mother.

Mitch has slipped fairly easily into Summer Bay life, aided by his interest in Hayley – there was a spark between them as soon as they first saw each other. Hayley was the main reason Mitch wanted to stay in Summer Bay. She helped him out with food and clothing when he had nowhere to go, and she has remained his friend – but that's all. Neither one wants to admit to the other that they like each other. And Hayley's been less than impressed with Mitch's interest in Gypsy… or, rather, Gypsy's interest in Mitch!

Mitch found a temporary home with Alf and Duncan while Ailsa was in hospital recovering from her accident, and Duncan has become something of a little brother to him. Mitch has had to stay at Irene's since Ailsa returned, but there's a chance he may move back in with the Stewarts. He's been busking around Summer Bay for some pocket money, but a return to high school has curtailed that activity. Mitch was less than impressed when Fisher told him he'd have to repeat Year 10 – he's old enough to have almost finished Year 11! But at least he gets to see Hayley a lot…