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Tuesday June 13 2000

Signs on Nova Scotia 100-series highways

The different kinds of signs you see on Nova Scotia's 100-series highways each have a specific purpose, outlined here.

For more information on TPW’s signing policies, contact Brian Storrie, Highway Signage Officer, TPW, (902) 424-4268 or
fax (902) 424-0571.

All work involved in making and erecting signs is done by TPW.

Major Tourist Attraction Signs
Service Symbols
Industrial and Business Parks Signs
Community Identity Signs
Scenic Travelways Signs
Direction, Destination and Confirmation Distance Signs

Nova Scotia highway and off-premise signing policy

Major Tourist Attractions

Major Tourist Attractions

These blue and white signs encourage visitors and travellers to leave the highway and discover local communities and major tourist attractions. You are eligible for this program if your business’s primary purpose is to offer visitors one or more of the following kinds of activities:

Outdoor recreation
Heritage or historical

The sale of goods must be secondary. There are specific qualifying criteria based upon attendance, visitor amenities and operating times. All costs are borne by the operator. Contact David Ross, Acting Manager, Tourism Development, Department of Tourism & Culture at (902) 424-3918.

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Service Symbols:

service_symbols.JPG (6204 bytes)

The blue and white Tourist Attraction Symbol identifies minor tourist attractions near a 100-series highway exit, interchange or intersection, and displays an icon representing the type of attraction. The blue golfing icon on this sign is an example. Costs are shared between TPW and the operator. Contact Brian Storrie, (902) 424-4268.

The Motorist Service Symbol, either brown and white or green and white, identifies services that are essential to motorists and located close to 100-series highway interchanges or intersections. Contact Brian Storrie, (902) 424-4268.

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Industrial and Business Parks

indpark.JPG (7085 bytes) 

These parks are eligible for green and white signs at exits that directly service them. All costs are borne by the park operator. Contact
Brian Storrie, (902) 424-4268.

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Community Identity

Kentville Wolfville

If a new highway by-passes an incorporated city or town, the community can erect two blue and white community identification signs on the 100-series highway near the exits directly leading into the community. These signs typically display the community’s name, a slogan, and names of major destinations within the community. The design and costs of the sign rest with the community. Contact Brian Storrie (902) 424-4268.

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Scenic Travelways

scenic_trvlway.JPG (8973 bytes)

These signs identify the 100-series highway intersection where the travelway begins. Contact David Ross (902) 424-3918


Direction, Destination and Confirmation Distance

These are the green and white signs that provide direction to major regional destinations. Contact Brian Storrie (902) 424-4268.

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