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Welcome to my home page! Feel free to brows my cyber home.

For news on any new features I've added here, check the "Whats New?" section below.

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What's New?


Hello!...I just thought I'd put up a few new words, and an interesting link...

Yes, "Uncle Stevie" is doing just fine...During one of his online surfing adventures, he came across this little gem of a site. If you have a young friend, he/she will likely find this quite amusing.

I believe...I just may be relocating my "flag ship" page ("Steve-D's Midnight Zone"...The page you're reading right now, as well as various other pages of mine) to my account...At least the darned midi files are working over there...

Incidentally, in case you're inclined to build web pages, and are looking for a free host, is a pretty good, free, web page least, it appears to be, anyway.

Regardless, I plan to leave something here at talkcity, even if only a link to my new site, so don't expect for this page to simply disappear.

Take care!


Yes, we've made it to the year two thousand!!! B-)

...and "Stevie Bear" is doing just fine...No great catastrophic events have been going on in his neck of the woods...

...Which sorta disappoints me, since it completely throws off my long ago ploted scheme, to pillage the nearby villiage, and seduce all of their cute, little lads, while the community was in disaray.

I'll also be hard pressed to successfully sell my horded supplies of food, water and weapons, at a 800% mark up....Damn it!!! ;-)

...All this fuss over nothing!

Well...I don't know if you've noticed this or not, but none of the midi files that are at this (the talkcity pages) site are working....Don't ask me...I'm just the webmaster!

Complain to talkcity about their crapy service!

I expect they'll eventually figure out what glitch in the system is causing this...I'm not quite motivated enough over this, to bother with moving everything to a new server....Yet!

Hey! Check this out...Just when you thought Steve-D's Midnight Zone couldn't get anymore "glorious" and "wonderful".....Now my site can speak too!!!

(You'll need to have a soundcard to use this page.)

As some of you are aware, good ol Uncle Stevie is something of an....Ahem!...."artist", and he likes to grace BC with his "Nursery Rhymes".

Well....They're all archived at my BC Nursery Rhymes page. All four volumes are there for your enjoyment.

If you haven't seen them yet, go ahead and take a gander.

The Midnight Zone now has a clickable banner, for anybody interested in linking to the Midnight Zone! Please click on the banner above for more information.

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Here's how the last poll broke down. Of the 63 responces:

53% chose nude

18% chose underoos

13% chose speedos

08% chose mens briefs

05% chose boxer shorts

03% chose womens panties

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