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Welcome to GrandPrix1.com. We aim to provide you with all the information and downloads that you could need for Microprose F1GP.

John's 2000 Carset v7.0
Carsets for F1GP that has the driver and team performance adjusted according to the latest Formula 1 qualifying times (including Monaco). Carset also updates menu helmets.
Jim Fowler Interview
An interview with the creator the Grand Prix 1 Memory Enhancer. This program modifies your system files so that F1GP will run in Windows 95/98.
Build your Own Wheel
Do you want to make your own wheel controller for F1GP? Then this article explains how to make one - it isn't that hard as it may seem.
Win9x Memory Problems
An article discussing the problems of running F1GP under Windows 95 or 98. Article explains reason and also explains how to fix them.

Tuesday, 6th June 2000

Updated 2000 Carset
Posted at 18:38 GMT by John

I have updated John's Carsets and uploaded version 7.0 of the 2000 carset. You can download the carset (with performance data from the Monte-Carlo GP Qualifying) here.

Wednesday, 31st May 2000

GP1 Lap Edit Updated
Posted at 18:38 GMT by John, Source: Viktor Gars

Victor Gars, from VG Software, emailed me today to say that he has released version 1.1 of GP1 Lap Edit . GP1 Lap Edit enables you to change the number of laps in a 100% race between 3 and 127 laps. Download this excellent util here.

Sunday, 28th May 2000

Another FOWSC Update
Posted at 16:11 GMT by John, Source: FOWSC

Wim has made a second update of the FOWSC site. The following pages have been updated:-

Check out this updated stuff over at the FOWSC.

Monday, 22nd May 2000

FOWSC Results from Monte-Carlo
Posted at 18:36 GMT by John, Source: FOWSC

Wim has uploaded the round 5 results over at the FOWSC:-

Simon Harmel completely dominated this round. He took pole position and won all 3 races. Well done. Also both Slovakian drivers made a very good run at Monte Carlo.

With his victories Simon Harmel did very well in the championship standings. He has a nice lead in the endurance trophy, and he's closing in on Hans in the Grand Prix Masters.

Check out the results and the updated championship standings.

Tuesday, 16th May 2000

Interview with James Fowler
Posted at 18:39 GMT by John

Today I have published an interview with James Fowler (the creator of the Grand Prix 1 Memory Enhancer:-

Why did you create GPMem?
I first come across the problem on my old 486 DX4. But when I brought GP1 again in 1997 it came up with the error "not enough memory". I thought the problem was only for under spec machines, but then I later realised what the error actually meant - GP1 was written for DOS, not Windows, and didn't think about conventional memory. But I thought to myself maybe I can configure my computer to run GP1. But what if other people couldn't, like real beginners to computers, they wouldn't be able to play GP1 at all.

Check out the interview here.

Thursday, 4th May 2000

FOWSC Updated again
Posted at 18:19 GMT by John, Source: FOWSC

Wim has updated the FOWSC site again:-

I had to update the round 4 results and championships. A newly registered team from Slovakia, Karpathia, has send in some great results. Because of a misunderstanding, their results weren't included in previous round 4 results. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

I've added the Monaco preview. I'll publish an updated carset after the Monaco GP, because of a lack of time.

View the results, championship standings and Monaco preview.

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