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Prefab Sprout fanzsite!

Welcome to the Prefab Sprout fanzsite, Appetite!, conceived and developed by julienne at juxtaposed!netdesign of Lake Ontario.

New to Appetite are the inclusion of frames (for those of you who can access a frame-capable browser), for the sake of functionality and simplicity. Also new are the addition of song samples from each release shown above, and "Appetite", appropriately enough, for this welcome mat. These sound clips are playable at your discretion, since they may require a moment to retrieve, but they are well worth it. Just a couple of the refinements in making this site beautifully dynamic and interactive.

Desire As, in its final form, will feature the current issue, as well as back-issues, of the on-line Sprout newsletter, compiled by Sprout fan Ryan Bassler. Stay tuned for this...and any additional news that comes up regarding Andromeda Heights (formerly titled as Earth: the Story so Far), the tenative name of their next LP...

...and Horsechimes is the site's guest book, in a manner of speaking. Your thoughts - be it good, bad, indifferent, or otherwise from Sprout freaks like you (admit it, you ARE a Sprout freak!) - are conveniently here at your disposal.

And finally, there has been some words of interest regarding the inclusion of a petition to release some form of The Devil Has All the Best Tunes - The B-Sides Collection. If there is a genuine interest, I will set up an interactive petition and send the finalised form to Keith Armstrong himself. Deal?

"Leave it behind on an overcrowded desk where the "IN"-tray is higher than the "OUT" ever will be!"

Yes, I think I'll call this...Appetite!

Sooo...allow a moment or two fer their discography below to materialise,
and enjoy your stay at Appetite!


Manoeuvre and meander right here...
...choose one of the following LP sleeves for additional details.

Lions in My Own Garden (Exit Someone)
Steve McQueen
Two Wheels Good
Protest Songs
From Langley Park to Memphis
Jordan: the Comeback
A Life of Surprises
The Devil Has All the Best Tunes

...and keep your eyes open for new stuff! Coming soon!

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