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Current status

Thu May 4 2000: the first public release of BitKeeper has been made available. Go to the here get it. Downloading BitKeeper will automatically add you to the bitkeeper-users mailing list; it is a majordomo managed list for discussing bitkeeper. If the list is too busy, or you do not want to be on the list, each mail message from the list includes instructions on how to remove yourself from the list; if these instructions are not clear, send mail to owner-bitkeeper-users@bitmover.com and we'll do it for you.

The license for open logging use is here.

Here's our know problem / feature list:

  • LOD support is working but untested; we aren't using this yet in house but we will now that we have released. We'll fork our tree into the stable and development lod and pull bug fixes from stable into dev. We expect LODs to improve rapidly, but you'll have to use the development code if you want to try them out.
  • The logging web server doesn't exist yet. Log messages get sent back here and we archive them but you can't see them yet. We need to get a sort of procmail filter that sorts them based on project and creates a set of web pages so you can watch what is going on. This is a high priority so it should be up and stumbling by June 1.
  • Importing RCS / SCCS files with branches doesn't work yet. BitKeeper wants those branches to be LODs and that sort of import is broken. What does work is either (a) importing just the trunk of an RCS tree, or (b) importing from patches. For example, we build the kernel repository from patches. We've imported the FreeBSD kernel from their CVS repository (we had to write an RCS parser but the side effect of that was that it is fast).

Platform news: AIX, Solaris, IRIX, HPUX, Linux/Intel, Linux/Alpha, Linux/PPC, Linux/SPARC, FreeBSD, and NT are all working. The NT release has been made current with the Unix releases. Thanks to Andrew, the NT release lags the Unix release by about 5 minutes. We are working on integration with Visual C++. Here's a screen shot of BitKeeper intgrated with VC.

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