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Patent Enforcement and Public Policy for Inventors

Federal Circuit in Wang v. Winner Guts Zurko.   IPC submits Amicus Brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court take case 

Inventor Reiffin sues Microsoft and Microsoft's lawyer for antitrust conspiracy.

IPC makes Nominations for Patent Advisory Board.  Commerce Secretary's nominations crucial to patent system.

IPC Runs Full Page ad in South Carolina Presidential Primary

Legal Malpractice and conflict of interest against inventors--Action alert on Theis v. Brown and Bain

Congress passed the anti-inventor patent reform bill on Nov. 19

Hawaii's Gov. Cayetano rallies fellow governors to stop HR 1907

Supreme Court Victory in important inventor case: in re Zurko

(IPC Filed Amicus Brief in Zurko)

Other IPC Information

New and Important
Patent and other inventor public policy issues.
Patent enforcement.
Collecting and developing information of interest to inventors
Information on Intellectual Property Creators

IPC has three primary interests:

1. Patent and other inventor public policy issues.

IPC formulates and disseminates a seasoned inventors perspective on public policy patent issues.

Upcoming Inventors Bill - your input appreciated.
IPC files two Amicus brief with Supreme Court
Proposed patent legislation in Congress
Text of Agreements between Ron Brown and Bruce Lehman and Japan
Forces underlying attempts to change the patent system
Scheduled 105th Congress Hearings on patent issues
Articles and Congressional Testimony on proposed changes to the patent system
Funding of the Patent Office
Maintenance Fees

2. Patent enforcement.

IPC provides a clearinghouse of information and helps network inventors who deal with patent enforcement. Many IPC members have had to enforce their patents through litigation and so are experienced in the realities of obtaining strong patents and enforcing them.

Background information on patent enforcement
Large awards in patent infringement lawsuits.
Recent CAFC and other patent decisions of interest to inventors.
For information on firms that fund patent litigation
Information on patent insurance firms.
Information on patent arbitration and mediation
Information on contingency fee litigation
Information on fee for service legal representation
Inventor Horror Stories

3. Providing information of interest to inventors

How Independent Inventors are the Major source of inventions. From the IPC Zurko Amicus Brief)
Help for the beginning inventor
Books, magazines, marketing services and other help for Inventors.
Inventors' Digest list of Regional inventor organizations  (Find the one close to you so you can connect to the inventive community.)
Web sites with inventor and patent information.
What are Reasonable Royalties for an invention
The National Inventors Hall of Fame
Most of the over 100 inductees into the National Inventors Hall of Fame were Independent Inventors
IPC members and other inventors on the Internet
Quotes on inventors and patents.
Glossary of patent and other terms
Who invented the Atomic Bomb? Do you know the independent inventor who invented the atomic bomb and nuclear reactor in 1933, filed a patent on it, and got Einstein to write his famous letter to Roosevelt which instigated the Manhattan project?
Debunking the Software Patent Myths: This article from the Communications of the ACM discusses software (and other) patents and is addressed to a general audience interested in public policy issues on patents, as distinguished from a how to or legal article.
The Elements of Friendly Software Design by Paul Heckel contains a chapter describing the author's fight to assert his patents against Apple and IBM.


Information on Intellectual Property Creators

Intellectual Property Creators (IPC) is a non-profit organization of seasoned inventors, product developers, and entrepreneurs. IPC is interested in providing a knowledgeable inventor's perspective on these issues, unfiltered by the special interests of the legal community, large companies, and other non-inventor interests.

IPC Board Members and Advisors A prestigious list of inventors
IPC Membership and Associate Membership information
IPC resources
IPC accomplishments

In Theis   v. Octel the issue is whether a court can invalidate a patent on the basis of the same information that was before the PTO when it granted the patent

In Kearns v. Wood Motors, the issue is whether the patent term clock should stop running for an infringer during the period of infringement.

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