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Animation By Joy

Greetings, my fellow Kryptonians. Wouldn't you just know it? I finally get started on my L&C page, and ABC goes and cancels the show. What kind of nerve is that? Oh, nevermind. I could go into a typical Lois Lane tangent about this, but I don't think I have enough webspace for that. ;) Moving on...

One thing ABC should have learned is you cannot keep a good show or its rabid fans down. :)

Kudos to Turner Network Television (TNT) for picking up Lois & Clark for syndication. Even though, and you know WHO you are, a lot of us FoLCS have every damn episode on tape. There is just something about seeing it air on television without having to turn on your VCR.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman on TNT Here is a link to TNT's L&C website. Here you can find the daily and weekly schedules, what episodes are playing, personal bios, links to other cool L&C pages, media files, and more. Be sure to check this out.

Lois and Clark Fan Clubs

L&C Metropolis Place (Club) Very nice page, lots of good information.

The Krypton Club came up with an innovative idea to develop a fifth season of L&C fueled soley by the devoted FoLCS. Major Kudos to all those involved. You can find the episodes here as well an information on how to subscribe. Click on the above TUFS banner.

Warner Bros. Virtual Lot: Lois & Clark If you have not been to the virtual lots at Warner Bros., it's high time you went. These are too cool. You need Quicktime's VR to see these. Now you can nose around the Daily Planet, sneak into Clark's apartment and even check out his undies in his closet. Eek!!

If you need Quicktime VR, go here: Quicktime

November 1997 News!

Lois & Clark Soundtrack Homepage Finally! The release of the Original L&C Soundtrack with music by Jay Gruska. You can download some CD song clips here and also order it direct. :)

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