British National Party

Campaign 97 - The Issues

The BNP Manifesto 1997


British Nationalism - An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Out of Europe

The Economy

Race and Immigration

Britain and the World

The BNP's Way Ahead
Written at the start of the 1999 European election campaign, two of the BNP's leading strategists discuss the function of electioneering and its significance for the party's future development.

Friends of the IRA
Only the BNP is serious about defeating the IRA. Here we expose New Labour's record of appeasing the IRA and opposing the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

Tory + Labour = No Jobs
The BNP approach to the renewal of the British economy stands in sharp contrast to the bankruptcy of the main parties.

Bogus Refugees
Only the BNP is prepared to defy political correctness and turn back the flood of bogus refugees.

BNP - the only genuine supporters of animal rights
Only the British National Party has a consistent policy against cruelty to animals. We would ban the barbarous ritual slaughter practices of halal and shechitah, which are widely used in Britain.

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