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February Calendar

Thursday, February 1
St. X Sports Stage

February 2

Foreign Lang Honor Society Induction, 7:30pm
V/R/F Wrestling: Fairfield at X
GCL Swimming Championships at X
Mothers' Club Prayer Group (2:00pm)

Thursday, February 3
St. Blase

Friday, February 4
V/R/F Basketball: X at LaSalle

Saturday, February 5
V/R/F Wrestling: Oak Hills at X

Sunday, February 6

Monday, February 7
Parent/Teacher Conf, 6-9:30pm

Tuesday, February 8
PN @ 7:30pm, rm 214
V/R/F Basketball: X at McNicholas

February 9

Sectional Diving Champ at Sycamore

Thursday, February 10
F Wrestling: GCL Tourn at Elder

Friday, February 11
R Wrestling: GCL Tourn
V/R/F Basketball: Moeller at X
Sect Swimming Champ at X

Saturday, February 12
V Wrestling: GCL at Elder
V/R/F Basketball: Hamilton at X
Winter Dance

Sunday, February 13
National Honor Society Induction, 2:00pm
Gospel Concert, Chapel, 3:00pm

Monday, February 14

Tuesday, February 15
LATE START, classes begin 9:14
P2P @ 7-9pm, rm 214
V/R/F Basketball: X at CJ

February 16

District Diving Champ at Miami
Mothers' Club Prayer Group (2:00pm)

Thursday, February 17

Friday, February 18
V Wrestling: Sectional Tourn at X
V/R/F Basketball: X at Elder
Dist Swimming Champ at Miami

Saturday, February 19
V Wrestling: Sectional Tourn at X

Sunday, February 20

Monday, February 21
NO CLASSES, Offices Closed

Tuesday, February 22
P2P @7-9pm, rm 214
Chair of St. Peter
"B" District Swim Champ at Sycamore

February 23

St. Polycarp
LATE START, classes begin 9:14

Thursday, February 24
State Diving Champ at Canton

Friday, February 25
V Wrestling: District Tourn at Fairfield
State Swim Champ at Canton

Saturday, February 26
V Wrestling: District Tourn at Fairfield
State Swim Champ at Canton

Sunday, February 27

Monday, February 28

Tuesday, February 29
P2P @ 7-9pm, rm 214

FROM THE PRINCIPAL: Parent Conferences will be held on February 7. Mr. Bill Schlater of our Religious Education department devoted his “The Catholic Moment” column in the December 23 Catholic Telegraph to reflections on his experiences with parent conferences: “Parent-teacher conferences can be great anxiety producers for both parties. We teachers can conjure up images of an enraged parent lunging at us from across the desk....

“I’m not quite sure why we hold onto and enhance those dastardly images of conferences. Truth be told, the overwhelming majority of them prove to be enlightening and encouraging. But it was my first set of conferences in this new teaching position, and I was not sure what to expect....

“Each meeting proved positive and productive and would serve to genuinely help the students. However, one of the conferences stood out from the rest. Both parents had come, and we had discussed their son’s academic progress. Then they chose to share some other dynamics that were at work within their son’s life. He had recently been cut from a sports team and they spoke of how it had impacted him and how they dealt with it....

“The father spoke of the disappointment on the part of his son and said that he told him that this was the Paschal Mystery at work in his life. Throughout his life, he would encounter many experiences of death, but we believe that life prevails and there is always a resurrection. I was stunned. Before I had time to respond in any way, the mother followed suit. She had told her son the road to hell is often paved with easy enticing decisions and options, but the road to heaven involves difficult choices. They went on to say how they discussed options with their son on how he could deal with the situation. They guided him to a point where he would go to the coach, if he felt strongly, and plead his case. That happened, he did not make the team, and life goes on....

“This son of theirs will probably receive wonderful gifts at Christmas. Some will be anxiously anticipated and others will be surprises. He will probably savor each of them. I doubt, however, that any of these gifts will impact his life like the gift they gave him in the way they handled the situation with the team. He was given a parcel of respect for his personal dignity, a gentle loving push towards independence and an intimate look at how Jesus lives and breathes among us.”

Bon Voyage and Welcome: Mr. Edward Hausfeld and Mr. John Hussong are taking sabbaticals this semester. Mr. Robert Kelsch is teaching Mr. Hausfeld’s Latin classes and Mr. David Prickett-Barnes is teaching Mr. Hausfeld’s German classes. Mr. Dennis Martin returns to the classroom at St. Xavier to teach Mr. Hussong’s English classes. Mr. William Slinger and Ms. Joyce Choquette return from sabbatical. Ms. Julie Hust has taken charge of Ms. Nancy Klas’s chemistry classes while Ms. Klas is on leave. Many thanks to Mr. Todd Jesdale for taking Mr. Slinger’s math classes during the first semester and to Mr. Rob Sinn for taking Mrs. Nelson’s math classes.

Calendar Change: To reward the students for their great success in the Walk for X, Tuesday, April 25 (the Tuesday after Easter) will be a free day.

Congratulations: Under the leadership of Community Service department director Mr. John Ravenna, students collected over 100,000 pounds of food in the Advent Canned Food Drive for families in Cincinnati and Appalachia.

Theatre Xavier, led by Ms. Michele Mascari, produced Picasso at the Lapin Agile with cabaret-style seating in the new small performance space at St. Xavier.

The concert band, led by Mr. Paul Zappa and Mr. Kevin Engel, staged a successful winter concert.

Mr. Edward McDonnell of the Guidance Department has published a CD-ROM guide to the college admissions process.

Parking: The school has sold its full allotment of parking passes for the year. For the rest of the year, students who wish to acquire a parking spot near the school may inquire in the Assistant Principal’s office about a parking pass at the former Girls’ Town property across North Bend Rd.

BE A HOST FAMILY FOR ONE MONTH for one of 8 students from Collegi Casp, our partner Jesuit school in Barcelona, who will attend St. Xavier during September, 2000. This will be the 6th year for an extraordinarily successful program. The boys, 17 year olds, are hand picked from many applicants. A Jesuit accompanies them. The boys take a full schedule of courses at St. X. They speak English well enough so that communication is not a problem. Please call David Mueller at 761-7815, ext. 177 for further details.

Parent/Teacher Conferences
Monday, February 7
6:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

FROM THE FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT: Induction into the Foreign Language Honor Societies will be held on Wednesday, February 2, at 7:30 p.m. in Xavier Hall. The guest speaker for the occasion will be the Rev. Timothy Howe, S.J., former teacher at St. Xavier and currently the pastor of St. Procopius Parish in Chicago. After the ceremony, a reception will follow in the cafeteria. Congratulations to the new initiates and their parents.

THEATRE XAVIER NEWS: TX is currently in rehearsal for Starmites! This whimsical musical presents the quest of Eleanor- a shy teenager who dreams of becoming a comic-book heroine! And with the magic of theatre, she does just that! With a never-neverland flavor, this musical hurls Eleanor into Innerspace, home of the Starmites who are good and honorable. She joins them in battling the evil Shak Graa, as he attempts to control innerspace and earth with the mesmerizing weapon called “cruelty”. Championed by Space Punk- the leader of the Starmites- Eleanor travels with them through the Shriekwood forest, home of the terrible banshees, and their queen, Diva. The banshees, “frightening women with dangerous hairdo’s,” are known to roast Starmites for dinner. Get the picture? It’s a touch of Peter Pan- Wizard of Oz- Little Shop of Horrors- combined to form a unique package of fun, comic-book drama, and delightfully varied pop-rock music. Playing the part of Eleanor( and her counterpart in innerspace Bizabara) is Jen Sese, a sophomore at SCPA. The roles of Mother, and also Diva, will be created by TX vet Holleh Husseinzadeh of Walnut Hills H.S. The heroic Space Punk is Andy Ahrens (sr). Joined by Nick Korbee (jr.), Tim Mulvey (jr.), and Brandon Hollihan (jr.) as Ack Ack, Herbie, Dazzle- heroic Starmite trio. The company of Starmites are Brandon Burkhart, Joe Ring, Ben Schmidlin, Adam Helmes, Drew Heidel, Rob Wassler, Justin Nurre, Ryan Walker, Chris Ledermeier, and Alex Ewing. Tom Ewing (sr.) portrays the alien Trinkulus ( who owns a terrible secret) And jr. Mickey Toogood portrays the villainous Shak Graa. Key Banshees are Shotzi, Ballbraka, Cannibelle, and Maligna- played by Ellen Burns, Kathryn Schwarz, Sarah Smithson, and Erin Zipfel. Company Banshees are Kate Amburgey, Katie Meyer, Liz Averbeck, Kerrie Lechk, Natalie Rothgeb, Erin Coors, Stephanie Fry, Laura Carver, Lindsay Wessels, Sarah Cook, Sarah Korfhagen, Ali Smith, Jenny Snivley, and Kadie Olinger.

Starmites is sure to provide laughter and action for its audience. Performance dates are April 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, and 15. Tickets will go on sale March 6. A flyer containing ticket information, contact Miss Mascari, at 791-7815 ext. 586.

GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT…COLLEGE SMORGASBORD: Our annual College Smorgasbord Seminar will be presented on Wednesday, February 9, for parents of freshmen and sophomore students. The Smorgasbord is an evening of informational presentations given by the Guidance Department on a variety of college preparatory topics. This year's topics include: scholarship search process, college and career testing, realistic college expectations, application process and timeline, choosing a college major, library resources, and use of the internet in college research. The evening begins at 7:00 p.m. in the "old" gymnasium. Doors to the gym foyer will open at 6:30 p.m. The program should conclude by 9:00 p.m. A letter of invitation was mailed in mid-January to each freshman and sophomore parent. Reservations are required and must be returned to Ms. Nancy Johns, counselor. Both parents and students are strongly encouraged to attend.

JUNIOR PARENT EVENING: The Guidance Department will offer its 4th annual presentation for junior parents on the topic of the college application process. This program will be held Tuesday, March 14, at 7:00 p.m. in Xavier Hall. A panel discussion will be held by admissions representatives of a number of private and public Ohio universities, who will field questions submitted in advance by parents. A letter of invitation will be mailed in early February to all junior parents, with a reservation deadline of March 3. This program is for parents ONLY.

PLAN RESULTS: As a part of the Guidance Department's career education program, sophomores took an assessment instrument, PLAN, in mid-November to evaluate their career interests. This battery also included an evaluation of their skills in taking the ACT college entrance achievement test (similar to the PSAT indicator of SAT scores). Scores are given out and explained by the counselors in meetings with students in small groups early in the third quarter. Sophomore parents are encouraged to seek the results from your son and discuss the implications.

INTEREST INVENTORY: This Self-Directed Search will be administered to all juniors February 11. This instrument assesses interests and personality style. Students will then meet with their counselor in small groups to discuss the assessment results. The students will review booklets that include lists of college majors that would appear to be appropriate and good matches for the student. All evaluation materials will be given to the students at the conclusion of the assessment discussion groups. SAT/ACT REGISTRATIONS: All juniors are strongly encouraged to register for both of the college entrance exams before the end of the 1999-2000 school year (SAT I and ACT). St. Xavier provided the SAT I testing fee for any junior who registered by December 13th with his counselor to take the test on April 8. This is the only "free" testing date. ACT registration must be done by the student himself. Juniors and sophomores considering applying to selective colleges are well advised to check the entrance requirements of those institutions for the SAT II (achievement) tests. Many such schools require or recommend at least three SAT II scores with application for admission. Which subject tests to take is also a matter that will need to be determined from the colleges' catalogues. Many of these colleges also accept ACT scores in lieu of SAT II scores. A student should consult with his counselor if he has questions. Registration materials for all three tests are available in the hallway outside Room 385 (Guidance Resource Room).

MATH DEPARTMENT NEWS: The following students have been recognized by their classroom teacher as outstanding math students for the first semester. AB Calculus: Matt Ackerman, Brett Friesen, Jason Fugikawa, Nick Payne. Accounting: Joseph Hartkemeyer, Jeffrey Hausman. Algebra I: Jesse Batsche, Richard Bolte, John Corker, Kevin Ellerbrock, Nick Hollstegge, Mike Kleimeyer, Kevin Matre, Brian Meyer, Donald Mouch, Dan Muenzer, Kel Ross, Michael Swaidan. Algebra II: Jonathan Bauer, Steve Bird, Michael Hamway, Chip Heidt, Richard Henkel, Kevin Hess, Joe Hornsby, Phil Johnson, Andy Katterjohn, Aaron Kolb, Nate Meyer, Vivek Ramaswamy, Matt Riffe, John Rutherford, Tom Warburg. BC Calculus: Brian Bailey, Charlie Kersten. CAIC: Mike Brandt, Chris Gruber, Yusuf Khan, Aaron Kotte, Jon Kroeger, Joe Patterson, Michael Vitale. Geometry: Andrew Arata, Eric Berling, Richard Brown, Justin Gibler, Tim King, Kyle Mueller, Andrew Neyer, Brad Obermeyer, Joe Rosemeyer, Steve Schmidt, Doug Welty, Mike Zerbe. Linear Algebra: Gaurav Shukla. PreCalculus: David Morel, Rob Woodruff. Prob/Stat: Mike Burch, Steve Schnelle.

PARENTS ACROSS CULTURES: February is Black History Month. In celebration, Parents Across Cultures, in conjunction with Hands Across Cultures, will present "Young, Gifted and Black", a gospel concert. This is a family affair; please join us Sunday, February 13 at 3:00 p.m. in the Chapel of the Holy Companions. See the enclosed flyer.

FROM THE MUSIC PROMOTERS: We hosted over 20 returning alumni for a lunch and practice prior to their participation in the winter concert held Sunday, January 9. Many of these men are currently attending college, though one graduated in 1987.

In a special event the choir participated in a special liturgy celebrating Catholic Schools Week held at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral in late January.

February will be busy with solo and ensemble competitions on the 19th and the state competition for strings following later. In addition, the concert band will host a visit from our Jesuit counterpart in Indianapolis on the 16th. Students from the Brebeuf band will perform their concert program for our students and conclude the visit with a tour and lunch.

The next General Meeting of the Music Promoters booster's organization will be Wednesday, March 8 at 7:30 in the band hall. Come on and get involved! Meet your fellow parents and work with us in discussions that benefit all our musical students; choral, strings, orchestra, and marching band. Any questions may directed to Tina Denning, President, 867-9474 or Laura Parsons, VP, 793-1336.

Montgomery Woman's Club, Inc. Antiques Show and Sale
March 18, 11:00-6:00pm; March 19, 11:00-5:00pm
Sycamore High School
Provides Scholarships for Montgomery Student Residents

PARENT NETWORK: Join us Tuesday, February 8 for an interesting meeting that could answer many questions you as a parent may have concerning the difficult responsibilities you encounter setting boundaries for your teenage son! Dr. Marianne McGrath is a psychiatrist and parent with a great deal of insight, not only from the professional perspective but having gone through the teen years with her own children. This is an opportunity to meet, share and learn within the St. X parent community, which has proven to be beneficial in so many ways. The evening begins promptly at 7:30 and ends by 9:00 p.m. We meet in room 214 and it's a casual atmosphere with snacks and refreshments to help you relax after a long day.

Don't forget to call and register for the upcoming Parent to Parent (P2P) session offered on Tuesday evenings February 15, 22, 29, and March 7. For more information and to register call Barb Rolf at 741-7419.

A MESSAGE FROM THE MOTHERS' CLUB: Again, we would like to thank the many volunteers who help us carry out the supportive activities we plan for St. Xavier. We extend thanks to those who have been called to help us, and thanks to those who volunteered, but were not asked to work. It is our intention to communicate with everyone, but if we missed you, know that we will call you soon! Feel free to call us too (Marisue Naber 871-8556).

In late January the Mothers' Club addressed over 1800 invitations to X-Travaganza 2000, "A Celestial Expedition". We hope you will plan to attend this beautiful party to benefit your son's school. The Friday evening Preview Night is always a fun evening too. Another part of X-Travaganza is the "Back to Broadway" show scheduled for Sunday, February 27, 2000. This is a wonderful production!

As the Lenten season begins, we ask you to join us for a day of quiet prayer and reflection. The Ash Wednesday Day of Recollection will be on March 8 from 9:00-2:00 p.m. Our featured speaker, Joan Wester Anderson, is the author of several books, including her most recent, The Power of Miracles. We will be using the Chapel of the Holy Companions of St. Ignatius Loyola for this event. A flyer was in the January newsletter and also in this edition. For information, please call Mickey O'Brien, 729-1786.

Nominations are now being requested for those interested in serving on next year's Mothers' Club Board as representatives of the Class of 2003. Any mother or female guardian of a current freshman is eligible for nomination. Please review the enclosed peach colored flyer for details and consider making this rewarding commitment.

The Mothers' Club Prayer Group will meet on February 2 and 15 from 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. in the Chapel of the Holy Companions to pray the rosary on behalf of our sons and the Jesuit community. Please join us!


Mar 5		Winter Sports Awards
Mar 14		Junior Parents Program
Mar 15		Jesuit Universities at St. X
Mar 17		No Classes - Faculty In-Service
Mar 18		X-Travaganza
Mar 22-24	Exams
Mar 25		Mom's Prom
Mar 27		No Classes