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Voting results
 $ 10 
36.7 %
(33 votes)
 $ 15 
7.8 %
(7 votes)
 $ 20 
6.7 %
(6 votes)
 $ 25 
18.9 %
(17 votes)
 $ 30 
7.8 %
(7 votes)
 $ 35 
1.1 %
(1 votes)
 $ 40 
4.4 %
(4 votes)
 $ 45 
2.2 %
(2 votes)
 $ 50 
10.0 %
(9 votes)
 $ 100 
4.4 %
(4 votes)
 Total votes: 90

Registered users area Pixel32 documentation, only for registered users Visit our galleries, look at images created by Pixel32 users All information about purchasing Pixel32 Post your comments in our MessageBoard Welcome to Secundum Artem website

Current development
Pixel32 v0.99.8

- Selection feather
- Web export wizard
- Image clickmap wizard
- Antialiased outlines
- Documentation
- Slicing and optimization
- TWAIN support
- Text tool
- New TIFF library


- Guidelines and grid
- JPG and PNG filters
- Web Photo Gallery
- More standard hotkeys
- Keyboard menu control
- Drag'n'Drop support
- Printing using Windows
- Better brush editor
- New brushes
- Windows integration
- Uninstall feature
- Simple slicing tool
- See details...

User suggestions

- Magic lasso
- Kodak PhotoCD support
- Transportable reg.code
- Text on curves
- Web update,news,goodies

Summer with Pixel32
Will you register Pixel32 this summer if it costs x dollars? Please take it seriously, we will sell Pixel32 for one month with this price.

$ 10
$ 15
$ 20
$ 25
$ 30
$ 35
$ 40
$ 45
$ 50
$ 100
Important Information
Anybody can sell Pixel32 directly from his website and earn from 20 to 40% from each sold copy. It's simple, all you need to do is sign-up for an affiliate account at Then you have to put some information about Pixel32 at your website and start selling. Read here to see how it works.

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16.jun.2000 - P.Kanzelsberger
Voting about operating systems has been stopped, click here to view results. We started new voting about Pixel32 summer price. Please vote for serious prices so we can really sell Pixel32 with lower price in July. We know that most of you will vote for $10, but please first think of it.

14.jun.2000 - P.Kanzelsberger
We must apologize for a bit delayed release of Pixel32 v0.99.8, but due to amount of other work we wasn't able to work much on it last two weeks. I'm looking for some laptop right now and work should go faster when I get some. Also we decided to make Registrations platform independent. If you register now ($50), your registration will work on all ports of Pixel32, including future BeOS and Linux releases, including updates until v2.0. Do not forget that final price will be about $75-$100.

7.jun.2000 - P.Kanzelsberger
Note to all postcard senders. If you sent postcard before June 1st you should be in first ten people. Please send us an short e-mail with your name and address so we can give you free registration codes, because some of senders forgot to supply us with e-mail contact.

5.jun.2000 - P.Kanzelsberger
Today I looked at public voting status and was really surprised. About 2000 votes for BeOS operating system. I was trying to check if there was someone playing with this and if these results are not correct. Then I found this article and everything seems to be ok.

31.may.2000 - P.Kanzelsberger
We must apologize to all translators, but we are not able to handle all translations manualy, also we got tons of e-mail requesting translations to other languages. We decided to bring online translation available to everyone. All translations which are now in progress will be converted to this online system and all translators will be able to continue they work and get their free registration codes. Please do not e-mail us about new translations, just wait for this online feature. Postcard competition is closed. We accept postcards sent up to May, 31st 2000 and we won't accept postcards sent in June or any kind of e-postcards. Pixel32 price is $50 from tommorrow morning.

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Secundum Artem Pixel32

Current version available for download is v0.99.7

Type your e-mail and press enter to be notified about program updates.

Picture of the Week

Pixel32 is an impressive photo/image/animation editing/retouching and painting tool available for DOS and Windows platforms. It's still in development state and all downloadable versions are betas. If you encounter any bugs please contact us so we can fix them as soon as possible. Anyone can purchase Pixel32 for $50 until final version is released. From final version Pixel32 for DOS will cost $60 and Pixel32 for Windows will cost $75. If you register now all updates until v2.0 are free for you.

Final version is expected to be released in March or April 2000. We are working also on BeOS and Linux ports of Pixel32.

Pixel32 has been translated to Czech, Slovak and Russian languages, anyone can get free copy of Pixel32 by translating all texts to another language.

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