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Two Gigs, And Still Growing
An Informal History of Byte (Part II)

By Fred Langa

June 28, 1999

In This Article
  Two Gigs, And Still Growing

  The Time Line: 1985

  The Time Line: 1986

  The Time Line: 1987

  The Time Line: 1988

  The Time Line: 1989

  The Time Line: 1990

  Windows 3.1: The Start Of A Difficult Decade

  Byte Suffers Through The 90s

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Byte was born in 1975, back when the idea of a computer of your own was something out of the purest science fiction. In fact, there wasn't even a good name for small computers -- that is, not until Byte coined the term "personal computer" in its May 1976 issue.

Over the past 24 years, Byte has produced a phenomenal quantity of very high-quality information. In fact, if you converted just the plain text -- no graphics of any kind -- the aggregate text-only content of Byte would top 2 billion bits!

We're glad you're here to witness the start of Byte's silver jubilee year (it officially kicks off in September) and to witness the beginning of the next billion bits!

After you've read the time line, click on over to the threaded chat area and tell us your favorite Byte anecdote or story, especially if you're a long-term Byte reader. What did you like about Byte when you first read it? What innovations do you remember seeing first in its pages? What would you like to see in the future? Join in the discussion.
To help you see Byte in its full historical context, executive editor Paul Schindler asked me to pull together a two-part time line of the events covered in Byte pages. Of course, all the issues of Byte ever published would fill several long library shelves, so all we can do is show you the highlights (and lowlights), along with other tidbits of information from the computer industry at large -- and from the headlines of the day as well. If you lived through those days, you'll find a lot of memories in the time line. And if you're new to Byte, fasten your seat belts for a high-speed ride through the history of small computers. We hope you find it an exhilarating, informative and entertaining ride. Part One appears here and Part Two starts now.



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