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Tired of information overload? You're about to experience a whole new way to use the Web - an easier, faster way that saves you time and frustration whenever you're online. It's called Deepleap.

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Find, save and send information with a single click. Highlight a word or phrase and get movie, company, or product information in a snap. Pop up Deepleap and quickly email the text of whatever page you're on to a friend.

Make connections between your Web browser and other applications and appliances. Use Deepleap to send information to your Palm Pilot, reformat a page for your printer, or be notified of page changes via instant messenger, email or pager through Spyonit.

Keep track of your favorite Web sites and things you want to buy. Keep track of your bookmarks or your product wishlist in one place - and access the information from any computer. Save text to a universal notepad, comparison shop, or perform searches from a highlighted word.

Deepleap can do all this and more. Take the tour or check out the full list of tools to find out everything Deepleap can do for you. Or just go ahead and sign up now!

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