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What is all about? is an online event portal providing localized information that can be easily searched and retrieved. The site allows organizations to post virtually any event free of charge and gives users the opportunity to search for those events in any city across the country. Users have the option to search by locality, date, and/or category, depending on their individual interests. Organizations have the option to allow all users or only a selected group view their posted events through both public and private networks. serves as a free promotional medium for those hosting events as well as an excellent resource for users interested in local attractions.

Founded in 1999, fieldParty.comís goal is to become the leading resource for event information, providing a comprehensive, "one-stop-shop" for locating and posting local event information across America. The company originated in Blacksburg, Virginia but has quickly developed a national presence.

Check out a few of our FREE services:

      -  Customize your own local events page.
      -  Create a email account.
      -  Get directions to every event on our site.
      -  Get a detailed weather forecast prior to attending any event.
      -  Search for coupon offers from local merchants in any city.

Have fun!  And please let us know if there is anything you would like us to add or do differently.

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