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19 April 2000 (updated)

Marcia is a recent addition to the team. She is originally from the South Bay (raised in good ole Sunnyvale). She briefly tried public accounting and is now focusing on her customer service and web content editing skills. She thinks she is a writer and a musician (she adores strumming sad songs on her guitar). She is known for her CD shopping sprees and spending a lot of time in front of screens (cinema, TV, computer). She is nostalgic about her travels to Japan and England, but is very happy about where she is today.

Stan is the 2nd hands-on tech guy at Craigslist. He's improving the site technology, like making it work. A computer guy since 1972, when he taught himself how to write programs using A Programming Language, he has been working on the .COM revolution since first registering a domain name in 1989. He was one of the first subscribers to Craigslist in 1995. He has many years of business development and consulting experience, and many years of volunteering with SF nonprofits, particularly the Exploratorium and the Center for Electronic Arts.

Stan looks forward to the challenge of making Craig obsolete.

Armando is our accounting and customer service manager. The latest member of the office, some at work liken him to fresh meat. Born in San Francisco and raised on the streets of New York. Also a student of visual arts, he thinks he's creative although some at work don't see it. With his propensity for Compton Swap meets and his Age of Aquarius out-look on life, there is no wonder he doesn't get lost on his way to work everyday. When asked, what is it that he brings to craigslist he says "Lunch". But In-between coffee and lunch runs he finds time in his busy schedule to do a bit of work.

Hi, I'm Robin! Green and the new kid on the block. I'm native San Franciscan and what better way to serve this community than at Craigslist! I enjoy photography, character studies, sculpting, surfing(e-surfing), and many more activities that'll take too long to list. Bilingual and bicultural hybrid, but most of all full of giggles while we work...ladedada There happens to another side...... While listening to Bach and assisting operations to run smoothly, somebody's gotta be the mean guy around here... .....So, pay your bills on time or else you might be hearing from me....ppplease. And I've got plenty of megabytes of backup!

Marc Ozawa is the numbers henchman at craigslist. With a wealth of exerience in the CIS, EU and Japan, he joined the craigslist team with a background in economics and a strong interest in the global community, not to mention he can make a mean kettle of borscht! Although originally from the Portland, Oregon, Marc is now focusing his attention on life in San Francisco.

Conrad spent seven years directing a nonprofit committee for the National YMCAs of Japan, in Tokyo, before moving to the Bay Area to head up the philanthropic efforts of Now that he's on board we want to start connecting the craigslist community to local nonprofits and maybe make a few donations too.

Steve works with operations and billing in an effort to make sure things run smoothly. He has a varied background in finance and technology along with an entrepreneur spirit and originally hails from the Boston area. When not at work, you can catch him enjoying live music (especially zero), grilling, snowboarding, camping, hiking, or just relaxing around the bay area.

Phillip has found a way to support a quality of life for people working with non profit outcomes at craigslist.

He enjoys environmental gardening, playing piano and listening to music (gotta be the blues), loves good italian food and slow, easy days in museums.

After a master's degree, he went to work as a counselor, then worked for several years in entertainment and public relations, got sucked into the Net, and has felt more at home online since leaving his psychology practice.

Craig is a hardcore Java and Web programmer who grew up wearing a plastic pocket protector and thick black glasses, taped together, the full nerd cliche.

He started craigslist in early '95 as a means of better connecting to people by letting them know about cool or useful events happening around San Francisco. It rapidly grew and built a large community of people who wonder if there really is someone named Craig involved with this.

He ain't no big deal.

Craig is somewhat embarassed that this is called "craigslist".

We really owe a lot to past supporters:

Christina Murphy was an original member of the craigslist board of directors. Her main function was to help shape the direction of craigslist and to put a face to the community. Christina planned the parties. She is a Recruiter/Consultant for a boutique San Francisco placement firm, specializing in start-ups, .com companies, and integrated marketing firms. (Christina shown with John Musgrove at the first craigslist party.)

Weezy Muth was also an original member of the craigslist board of directors. She wrote code to streamline processing on the site and managed the posting process. 3 teenagers and a full time job finally took its toll: she has scaled back to just family and her job at APL, doing Java programming and web development.