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Proving God exists

By Chris Marrou
Eyewitness News

In the last hundred years, it's seemed that science and religion have split so far apart that they'll never get back together. Those who ask if there is a God are told they must take it on faith.

Digging Deeper
Here are some additional video clips where Professor Frank Tipler expands on his conclusion that physics proves God exists.
  • Clip One: God created the laws of physics to lead into him
  • Clip Two: Response to his theory
  • Clip Three: How the theory relates to time
  • Clip Four: What this theory means to prayer

  • Watch the full report.
  • But a physics professor in New Orleans says he can prove it with a few not so simple equations.

    In New Orleans, people have come to the Saint Louis Cathedral for more than two hundred years, hoping to find god. But nowadays, many people are going to a physics professor at Tulane University.

    His name is Frank Tipler, and he is a respected theoretical physicist , best known for work on the theory of relativity -- at least until he came out with his book on God six years ago, the "Physics of Immortality." Tipler claims his equations prove God exists, a God he refers to as the Omega Point.

    "This is the physicist's way of representing the motion of time -- the future is up, the past is down, the ultimate future is the omega point, so that is God," Tipler said.

    Using widely accepted physics now known as the standard theory, Tipler says that as our universe ages, humanity will expand across it, and will develop infinitely powerful machines and computers - until the universe itself comes to an end in what he calls the Omega Point.

    "What is happening is the Omega Point is not in time -- it is outside space time and matter," Tipler said. "You have to remember, God has always claimed to be outside space and time. He affects the world at all phases of its history. This is traditional theology."

    Tipler views God through a scientist's eyes. Heaven, he says, will be an infinitely large computer in which we are all recreated down to the smallest level. A recreation so perfect we will spring to life again.

    "When I went to Paris, I saw some artists copying the Mona Lisa. It wasn't a good copy but it was better than a photograph," Tipler said. "But suppose the artist gets better and better. He recreates, down to the last grain, the imperfections of the original canvas, every single defect. Every single atom is the same in the copy as in the original.

    "Now if you duplicate it down to the quantum state, there is no difference," he said. Everyone will be "brought back into existence by the beings of the far future."

    Tipler's Heaven resembles the movie, "The Matrix" -- the characters live inside a computer - yet feel they're having a physical existence. Once they learn their environment, they become superhuman, something Tipler says we already know the name of.

    "Angels are a type of intelligent life form -- intermediate between God and man. They had an elaborate hierarchy. The closer you get to God, the more intelligent, the more beautiful, and so forth. That's the appropriate image to take as we go into the future," Tipler said.

    This future existence, Tipler says, is trillions of years away, but we won't notice because "once we die we'll be nonexistent. So the experience we'll have is no experience at all. It'll be like the blink of an eye," he said.

    Tipler says he's not trying to start a new religion -- he only claims to be the first to see religion in today's advanced science.

    "I'm claiming, 'Look my fellow physicists, believe in the laws of physics, and this is what the universe has to be.' I'm saying to people who believe the Bible literally, do that! Believe what God told Moses in Exodus 3,14: 'My name,' God said to Moses, 'I shall be what I shall be.' I'm the ultimate future, Moses -- believe it."

    Watch the full report.

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