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[insert some kind of birthday-related music here]
Posted by Nick on 21 June 2000, 00:00 GMT

and I just can't seem to get enough ofToday, ticalc.org turns four years old.
Good job, ticalc.org. We couldn't have celebrated this without you. :)
Also, today is my first year anniversary of working here, but nobody cares about that, so I'll just say that this is my 222nd news item and that all you people rock for putting up with me for the first 221 *g*.
I have no clue how many files we have in the database right now, but I'd guess it's someplace around 12,500. Steve is spending his time at Microsoft's world headquarters in Redmond (that lucky hax0r), and he would be the one to know the exact number.
Thank you to all our fans and readers who keep this site going. It's been a great time since then, and lots of great and not-so-great things have happened.
We couldn't have done all this without you. Thank you thank you thank you. Each and every one of you. Much love.

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Pushem v1.1, CalcWire Stuff
Posted by Nick on 20 June 2000, 21:00 GMT

PushemOld stuff! I was supposed to make this mad post yesterday, but an emergency White Sox game outing (they won, 6-1, by the way) interrupted such a time-consuming activity.

Now that all that baseball-related action is out of the way, I can tell y'all that Matt Capucilli wrote an interesting game in 89 BASIC the other day called Pushem v1.1. Remember DStar? This is just like it, only with more freedom to move around and, erm, push blocks and stuff.

Also, CalcWire (whose newsletter is coming out the 25th) has been up to a lot of good recently, with the release of two completely 31337 programs. Xtreme Racing, a racing game, is available for Ion on the 83 and the 83 Plus. Painter, featuring four-color grayscale and various interesting/wacky painting tools, is now available for the 89. Download both of these: they look very nice for a group that's just beginning to get on its feet.

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Christopher Tremblay Releases LemmingZ for the 86
Posted by Nick on 20 June 2000, 19:13 GMT

LemmingZAs a young, impressionable child, there was no better way to enhance my youthful creativity and stimulate my infantile mind than to blow up tiny little green and blue men on a computer screen.
As we can see, I turned out just fine from such activities. :)

Back to desensitize all of us to violence and mass murder is Christopher Tremblay with LemmingZ. Written for the 86, Chris has done a fantastic job of replicating the enviroments and the original puzzles of the old-school Lemmings. It also includes a level compiler, for those happy external level writers out there. It also has one chapter for beginners. Good job, Chris! You've made at least one person proud here on the staff :)

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So Many Shells, So Little Time
Posted by Nick on 18 June 2000, 17:34 GMT

This is the first news item - ever - that I'm not writing in Notepad.

Xavier Vassor and Cedric Couffignal have released DoorsOS II v0.97. It's not a preview release this time, so download away. This version is a complete rewrite of the old code. Many bugs and such have been fixed, and it's optimized beyond all human comprehension. It now also supports archived libraries: in my opinion, a Very Good Thing(TM). I've had one report so far on some minor problems, but it should be working fine for the majority of you folks out there :) Download the new version for the 89 and the 92 Plus. Download the developer version for the 89 and the 92 Plus. You can find the DoorsOS II home page here.

Aaron Curtis released Yet Another Shell v1.0, or YAS, on A86 this morning. It's a preview version, but everything should work except for the TI-82 emulation. It's basically a complete rewrite that has been anticipated for [insert extremely long denomination of time here]. It also includes an external interface, known as iShell, written by Jonah "The Real Slim Shady" Cohen. And, to top it all off, he includes a Simpsons reference at the end of the docs! I'm impressed. Aren't you?

Joe "My Last Name Is Impossible To Spell And Pronounce" Wingbermuehle has released Ion v1.6. To quote the inimitable Joe, "This version fixes a bug in the ionDetect routine of the TI-83 Plus version and the TI-83 version is a few bytes smaller. Also, the source code is included with this version." That just about sums it up. With that all in mind, check this uber-fantastic shell out for the 83 and the 83 Plus.

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