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The Horse and Musket Wargaming Page

Welcome to the Horse and Musket Wargaming Page. Please sign the Guestbook before you leave.

Last Update 9/15/98 - new commentary page & Eagles over the Empire and Republique links

Resources here in the Hobby Hovel
A Baton in Every Knapsack
Commentary on my own horse and musket gaming activities and period gaming news.
The Colonial Wargames Page
I've spun off a page specifically for the Colonial era to accomodate the growing collection of pictures.
Frederick the Great's Military Instruction to His Generals
The companion Particular Instruction of the King of Prussia to the Officers of his Army, and especially those of the Cavalry
It's prime 18th C. skirmish gaming fodder.
Maps of Frederick the Great's campaigns and battles
from Harper's Magazine
My generic skirmish rules which were written with the 16th through the 19th century in mind. A new combat tables quick reference sheet is now available for Rencounter. Two scenarios by Will Scarvie, one for the Zulu War and one for the American Revolution are available as well.
The Miniatures Gallery
The Gallery has some colonials pictures in it right now. Some 15mm Napoleonics are coming soon.
The Warships Gallery
For navals fans, this page includes photos of the U.S.S. Constitution, H.M.S. Victory, H.M.S. Warrior, and the Trafalgar Diorama.
One If By Land
Rules for the American War of Independence by Bob Bergman. (2/10/99 - Bob reports having started a website where he has a newer version of these rules and a new grand tactical Napoleonic set.)
Frederick's Battles, a Napoleon's Battles conversion for the Seven Years War, by Greg Savvinos, (sav@netcon.net.au) has been removed at Greg's request. Greg is taking it commercial.
Wargame Magazine Article Database
Dave Love provided his personal Filemaker Pro database listing over 4000 miniatures wargaming articles and I've webified it.
4/19/98 Review of the Seven Years War battles computer game "Dragoon" by Art of War Software
Well, it's not complete yet, but you can see what I have so far.

Maps of the Peninsular War from Napier's History of the Peninsular War

The battle of Baylen
The one major Spanish victory over the French

The battle of Coruna

The Portugal Campaign, August 1808

The Positions as of October 28, 1808

The battle of Rorica

Operations in Catalonia, 1808-09

The battle of Vimiero
If Vimiero above is too big for you to load, try this reduced version which is approximately 80% the size in each dimension, or the grayscale GIF version.

The battle of Fuentes Onoro

The battle of Albuera

The battle of Saguntum

The battle of Talavera

The siege of Badajos

The siege of Ciudad Rodrigo

The combat of Sabugal

The battle of Barosa

Crawfurd's operations on the Mondego, 1810

The defense of Portugal, 1810

The invasion of Andalusia, 1810

The Lines of the Torres Vedras

The siege and battle of Valencia, 1812

I found an old three volume set at a used bookstore, so I will eventually digitize all the maps and type in some of the tables and text.

Drawings and Paintings by Edouard Detaille
French camel trooper of Napoleon's Egyptian expedition
Two Dragoons (Left)
Two More (Right)
Cossack or Cosaque
Drummer of the 42nd Highlanders
He's sitting on a stylized initial of the author of the article from which I scanned the pictures.
En temps de Paix, (213K)
French Infantryman of 1835
And Other Contemporaries
Cavalryman delivering dispatch
Atelier de Detaille (Detaille's studio), 383K
Fencing, 19th C., Woman and Man
16th C. Duel
The two above are from a set that were on a page together. I have a couple more of these dueling pics to convert to jpeg yet.
Le Pompon Vert
315K, 19th C book advertisement with some samples of illustrations by Georges Jeanniot of soldiers of the Franco Prussian War. Page visitor Peter Glanville has done a translation of the text.

2nd Afghan War and Zulu War pictures are now on the new Colonial Wargames Page
Bernabe Saiz's collection of circa 1820 Spanish Army Uniform Plates
Images graciously provided by Bernabe Saiz, saiz@arsys.es. He has digitized them from original color plates in a family collection.
Line Infantry Sergeant
Spanish Line Infantry
two soldiers of the same regiment as the sergeant above
Spanish Line Infantry
The whole picture containing the sergeant above and two other soldiers, scanned somewhat smaller
Spanish Line Cavalry
It is labeled line cavalry on the original, but, as Bernabe pointed out in the email the picture came in, they are pretty clearly dragoons.
Spanish Grenadiers of the Royal Guard, Guardia Real, part 1, part 2- From the same plate
Bernabe notes that the building in the background may be the Royal Palace in Madrid and that the dark blue color of the uniforms digitized darker than the original.
Spanish Guardia de la persona del Rey, Royal bodyguard cavalry
Spanish Light Infantry
Cazadores Provinciales de la Guardia Real
Spanish Light Cavalry
Cazadores de la Guardia Real a Caballo
Artillery Train

A Sampling of Resources Elsewhere

Links to pages on particular rules sets:
  • An Army of Professionals AWI scenario book
  • Carnage and Glory PC moderated horse and musket rules
  • Richard Denning's Page on Napoleonic War Games
    Principles of War rules, some historical articles, some pictures, and Green Jacket peninsular skirmish rules for free download.

    Dan Schorr's Northern Wars
    Contains information on the Great Northern War of 1700-1721, the Scanian War of 1675-1679, and the Second Northern War of 1655-1660, including uniform plates, free rules, and a catalog of flags and standards that he sells.
    Geoffrey Phipps' Games Page
    Includes a rewrite of the La Battaille Series rules that Geoff Phipps and Ed Bryan did for clarity and to add a command system.

    The Miniatures Page
    by Bill Armintrout and Robert Hooper, et al. The section on rules and the ACW figures will be of particular interest.
    The Historical Miniatures Page
    by Bob French

    The Seven Years War Association Page
    A wargaming organization devoted to the Seven Years War. Jim Purky edits their newsletter. Bob French maintains their web page.
    Histoire Napoleonique
    A page devoted to Napoleonic history, with gaming subjects, by Phil Karecki
    Military Uniforms
    Color uniform plates on American Revolution and Napoleonic topics from the New York Public Library, part of the web pages on military history at the library
    Web Grognards
    A great wargaming site, emphasis on boardgames, but other areas covered as well, by Alan Poulter and Eric Pass
    1755, The French and Indian War Home Page
    Historical material on the war from the French perspective
    Empires in Arms
    The strategic boardgame of the whole Napoleonic Wars, a great game if you have the time.
    Napoleonic Literature on the Web
    John Schneider is undertaking an effort like my own with the Frederick page, to put some of the many out of copyright books of military historical interest up on the web. I helped him out for awhile with server space when he overflowed his old site.
    The Nafziger Collection
    George Nafziger's catalog of Orders of Battle
    The Foundry
    Tim Peterson's page for the miniatures company merged from Wargames Foundry and Guernsey Foundry. Includes catalogs and free rules.
    Vendor of reproductions of color uniform plates.
    MagWeb hosts a collection of wargame magazines reproduced on the web. Several are of interest to Horse and Musket gamers. MagWeb is a subscription service, but you can look at some sample articles for free.
    Rare map collection at the Hargrett Library
    University of Georgia Special Collections, includes ACW and AmRev period maps.
    Major McLeroth's Company of His Majesty's 64th Regiment of Foot
    An American Revolution re-enactment group with some nice pictures and links to other re-enactment resources.
    American Revolutionary War Home Page
    Re-enactment centered, with a good list of historical reference links.
    The Dallas Thursday Night Irregulars
    Check out their Aspern-Essling refight.
    Flags for the War of the Spanish Succession, American War of Independence, Napoleonics and some medievals, by Ian Croxall.
    Download them and print them right out for 25mm. Rescale the print job for 15mm or 6mm.
    Histoire et Figurines
    A good French site on Napoleonic miniatures wargaming. Much of it also available in English. Has a lot of useful stuff, including some uniform guides and good photos of painted armies.
    The Library of Congress has a number of photo archives on the web. A couple of interest to us are the collection of Civil War photographs, and the collection of photos by the Detroit Publishing Company made around 1900.
    Some good search terms to try in the Detroit photo database are military, soldier, and warship.

    This page created and maintained by Ed Allen , allen@sequence.stanford.edu.