Digital Backs with TOYO

Toyo-View and Toyo-Field 4x5 Cameras accept a wide variety of digital backs made to fit standard 4x5 camera backs. Typically, these scanning backs fit directly in place of a standard 4x5 film holder and require no special adapters or modification. Viewing and focusing can be done normally.

Instant capture and multiple shot digital backs require special connections to view camera lens shutters for triggering synchronization.

Phase One
Phase One offers scanning backs and digital shutter systems to fit all Toyo 4x5 cameras.

Phase One United States, Inc.
24 Woodbine Ave
Northport, NY 11768
516-757-0400 TEL
516-757-2217 FAX
Web Site:

Dicomed offers scanning backs to fit all Toyo 4x5 models.

Dicomed, Inc.
612-895-3205 TEL
612-895-3285 FAX
Web Site:

Toyo 4x5 cameras are fully compatible with the Kodak DCS 465 system, which features single shot color imaging with any light source. Imaging area 18.4x27.6mm. It can be used with and stable continuous light source including daylight, tungsten or HMI. The new back features extremely high 6 million pixel resolution with 36 bit color. Totally portable. Can capture 26 images per 170MB with a removable memory card. Toyo-Kodak Sliding Back Adapter allows ground glass focusing.

Eastmak Kodak Co.
343 State Street
Rochester, NY 14650
1-800-23-KODAK TEL
Web Site:

Adapter for Toyo 4x5 cameras to the Leaf DCB II three shot color and Catchlight single shot color backs is under development.

US Distributor:
Sinar Bron Inc.
17 Progress Street
Edison, NJ 08820
1-800-456-0203 TEL.
1-908-754-5807 FAX

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