she must be a postmodern sleaze

...But then again, she's weird, and she knows a lot of bad people.
Yeah, I went out with Monica Lewinsky.

Yeah, I drive a Beetle.

Yeah, I'm wholly owned by a dog named Bocce.

(Oh yeah, in case you were wondering, I'm still too clumsy to be cool.)

Take a Bite of Me

6.11.2000. Boot camp is taking its toll. Jeff is back from New York. We saw Sleater-Kinney play at the El Rey, and I took some photos. On Saturday and Sunday Jeff and I went rollerblading in Santa Monica and then changed into our swim suits on the beach and jumped in the ocean. Paul came out with us and we bought some CDs, and drove around listening to the new St. Etienne and Belle & Sebastian. Get the gory details in my tiny life. Oh, and look out -- I now have a web cam. Yikes! You can watch Bocce in my room while I'm at work all day.

She certainly has some crazy mixed-up:

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