Welcome to the Chesty Morgan Shrine!!


Chesty is the ultimate in camp! The characters she portrays are larger than life, tired, clueless and have attitude to boot! And as if that weren't enough, all of their film dialog is dubbed! I totally worship the woman!!

When I first saw Double Agent 73, I was blown away by her awesome performance (we're talking Oscar material). I immediately lent the film to my friend Dean, who was equally awe struck. Since then we've been on a mission to make Chesty Morgan a household word. Our biggest effort to date was when we went to Europe, armed with Chesty fliers, and passed them out in Milan, Venice, Florence, Paris, Oberhausen, Amsterdam and London.

Why are we doing this??

Well, it's because she is absolutely incredible and we think it's time she get the recognition she truly deserves. We owe it all to director Doris Wishman for bringing this phenomenal talent to the big screen. Doris is truly a genius.

If you haven't experienced Chesty's magic, then read the reviews, seek out her films (available from Something Weird Video) and start spreading the word....


Portrait Of A Superstar


The Doris Wishman Years


The Search For Chesty Morgan



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