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Hello everybody and welcome to my new enchanced Due South Pages. The show is going to change quite a bit to the next season, the cast is changing and the basic idea of the series is going to change a little bit. David Marciano is leaving Due South and there is going to be a new detective who replaces Marciano's character. Paul Gross' character Benton Fraser is going to be a regular member of the Chicago Police Department. So at least I'm going to wait for the new season very anxiously. I hope I can keep watching Due South herein Finland 'cause I don't know if the broadcasting company is going to air DS. It would be a great pity if they don't. Have a happy surfing on my new DS Pages!

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Diefenbaker with Ray and Benny

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Due South is about Canadian Mountie Benton Fraser who after several events was transferred to Chicago. The story is too long to tell (It would take about two hours to tell...). Fraser's faithful companion in Chicago is his deaf wolf Diefenbaker (Unfortunately Dief's character was removed from the series). Diefenbaker once saved Fraser's life in the Northern Territories in Canada. Since then they've been inseparable. While working as the Canadian Consulate doorman Fraser met Detective Raymond Vecchio with whom he becomes a good friend.

During the series Fraser and Ray (Ray's character was also removed) solve crimes varying from purse snatches to murders. Fraser's manners are very polite and correct. Ray is more like an usual American cop. He doesn't care the finer points of law like speed limits, turning signs etc. That characteristic is known to irritate Fraser who is very accurate when it comes to law. Other personnel in the Chicago Police Department are Detectives Jack Huey and Louis "Huey" Gardino, Lieutenant Harding Welsh and Civilian Aide Elaine Besbriss. Fraser's chief Inspector Moffat is promoted in the middle of the series. He is replaced by Inspector Meg Thatcher. First Fraser and Inspector Thatcher are an eye for an eye and Fraser even gets fired! But when time passes they even get attracted to each other. But when that doesn't seem to work they keep it strictly business. It will be exciting to watch how the relationship between Benny and Thatcher is going to work out. Keep that in mind!

Paul Gross & David Marciano

Due South's first season was produced by Paul Haggis who stepped down as executive producer in the second season because he wanted some more time with other projects. Jeff King and Kathy Slevin continued in their executive producer roles. I wish Due South will keep entertaining us also in the future!

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