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Welcome to WebRPG, the on-line community for role-playing gamers...

New Top 20 Survey
Finally recovered from a hard drive crash and got the new Survey posted. Thanks to Ray C. and his team.

Fantasy Gladiators
Interested in being involved in a new on-line game system from the ground floor? We're looking for staff and welcome all input on the topic! Check out http://www.FantasyGladiators.com for the latest info.

New Game Scheduler!
Many people have been asking for a WebRPG game scheduler. We have decided to leverage RPG Host's database features (as they are already written) to allow WebRPG GM's and Players to register their games and themselves. This should greatly help in finding new GM's and players. GM register here and players register here.

New Version of WebRPG!
Click here to download WebRPG 2.2.0 right now!

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WebRPG Online
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D & D Player's Guide review [Comments: (0)]
Masters of Role Playing magazine has received a preview copy of the Player's Guide for D&D 3rd Edition. It has been given to our Head Writer, Robert J. Defendi, to review. As soon as his article is written, it will be posted on our website. (More details as they come available.)

source: Masters of Role Playing online

WoTC to Buy Last Unicorn Games! [Comments: (3)]
For those of you interested, the latest Wizards buyout press release is posted on the MoRP website. Who knows what it really means for the Star Trek and Dune products that LUG produces. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

source: Jason Anderson, Masters of Role Playing magazine online.

First glimpse of a D&D movie dragon [Comments: (2)]
We've scored a poster made for the D&D movie that was displayed in the lobby of the Carlton Hotel during Cannes. Wanna sneak peak at one of the cgi dragons? You know the drill.

head to http://www.dndmovie.com

Play Testers Wanted [Comments: (3)]
Basement Games is looking for Play Testers for new products AND we are announcing a new promotion. Stop by the Forge Forum for more information.

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Gaming Industry
Archived News

      We'd like to start by welcoming you to WebRPG's Townhall, a great place for discussion on a wide variety of gaming topics. Reading and posting is open to the general public. There are several hundred forums, so please make sure you post to the one that best fits your interest to ensure a timely response from other readers.
      Spamming, flaming and similar examples of impolite behavior are discouraged. Please let us know about any such incidents in the Townhall Support Forum.
      Above all else, enjoy.

Enter Darkholme Keep!
AD&D 3rd Ed
AD&D 2nd Ed
AD&D Spells
DM's Corner
Gaming Ethics
Palladium Fantasy
Support Forum
TIC: Atradern
Warhammer 40k

New survey: Top 20 odd foods in a game

Top 20 odd foods in a game

"I'll have Zombie ala carte." "Dragon Steak in a red sauce, with a griphon blood brandy!" "I'll just have a burger."

If you think that last little bit didn't have anything to do with Role Playing, and ordering in at a resturant, then you and your group are used to some weird foods in your game! We at the Top 20 Institute for Role Playing Humour have undone our belts, strapped on our Lobster Bibs, and are ready to chow down on some really weird foods from the various dimentions! Our problem? WE DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAMPLE FIRST!!! That's where you come in! We need some suggestions on what to sample first, and the cream of the crop will be chosen to have their recipes etched for all time into the Top 20s!!!

Current Top 20
Survey #44
Survey #43
Survey #42
Survey Support

New Keep programmer at work
The code for the keep is in the hands of our latest volunteer. New versions should be forthcoming in the coming weeks. Make sure to post your feature suggestions in the Keep townhall support forum.

Chat Now!
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Keep Support
03-28-00: Pointer Repaint
Thanks to some user input - we've found that the repaint problems in the resource tree window are directly related to using mouse pointer schemes. Please turn those off when using WebRPG.

03-26-00: OpenEnded Target Dice Fixed.
Happy day for all you Shadowrun players, I have fixed the bug with the openended target dice. It should now correctly count the number of successes.

03-25-00: GM Fake dice bug fixed.
I patched the GM Fake dice command to now allow the rolls to be shown. This patch should automatically be applied when you restart WebRPG Online.

03-24-00: WebRPG Online 2.2.0 Released!
Come and get it here! Report any bugs or problems to: support@webrpg.com.

Help Desk We will be attempting to maintain a room (game) called "WebRPG Help Desk" so that you can ask questions of the Magistrates. But it is still very important that you continue to visit this website.

Appointment of WebRPG Online Magistrates:
Jeff CarnesBurning ManWO PC Specialist
Gene PottsJedi LordWO PC Specialist
Chris HickmanTopherWO MAC Specialist
Daniel Sniadoski WO MAC Specialist
Chris Fedak WO Forums Magistrate
Joseph WeeksSaikyo no ShogunWO Help Desk
Stephen Olivier WO Help Desk
Kevin VilbigKevinWO Help Desk

These people can be reached though mail: support@webrpg.com or on the Town Hall Support Forums or in a special WO Tracker room called "-> WebRPG Help Desk"
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