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Edrives & web based storage

Includes:- virtual drives and storage connected via the world wide web

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Backup software & HSM, Tape drives & systems, CD towers, Linux sites, Rackmount SPARC Systems , more about Spellerbyte
Spellerbyte was cooking up a new software
business which involved the web and storage.

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Edrives - web based storage

Ecrix VXA-1 Tape Drive
VXA-1 Tape Drive from Ecrix
@Backup back up your drive over the web
Centripetal Data Services Suite™ - storage, SAN and data recovery for web sites with large storage requirements
Digital Data Storage covers every aspect of digital imaging from the conversion of paper files to the design of a Web-based retrieval service
click2send free and easy-to-use file/media transfer up to 50MB large at a time!
Driveway store upto 100M free 300M Free virtual hard drive save infinite amounts of web content
Imation Web Backup backup your portable to your server via the web 100M free net storage
NationalBackup.Com backup from 100MB to 3GB Monthly (April 2000 pricing $9.95 to $79.95) FREE 3 M Virtual Floppy
OTG Software ASP hosted Data Storage
Recovery Solutions provides a completely secure, fully automated backup and retrieval solution for client/server environments. free 25M
X:drive First 25 MB FREE! Additionally, 25 MB for $4.95 a month 100 MB for $9.95 a month 1 GB for $19.95 a month First 10M free. Additional storage space can be purchased online in increments of 50 MB for $1.99 per month.

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