Unknown, but one of our top Star Wars sources heard word that the story may follow Indy's search for Atlantis.

The Buzz:

As previously reported, M. Night Shyamalan is likely to be writing the script for Indiana Jones 4 after he wraps Unbreakable. Given that, when is the film actually going to be made? While talking to EW Online, Harrison Ford's manager is quoted as saying, "As soon as a script gets done, they'll do it. That could be 2002."

Still, don't get your hopes up yet, as Steven Spielberg's spokesperson Marvin Levy adds, "Steven's got AI, George [has] Star Wars. Do the math. We could be lookin' at 2007, but your guess is as good as mine."


Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
Sean Connery as Dr. Henry Jones, Sr.
Kate Capshaw as Willie Scott (rumored)
Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood (rumored)
John Rhys-Davies as Sallah (rumored)


Steven Spielberg / Director
? / Screenwriter
Rick McCallum / Producer
George Lucas / Executive Producer, Story
John Williams / Score (unconfirmed)


In development

Release Date:




July 6, 2000
As previously reported, M. Night Shyamalan is likely to be writing the script for Indiana Jones 4 after he wraps Unbreakable. Given that, when is the film actually going to be made? While talking to EW Online, Harrison Ford's manager is quoted as saying, "As soon as a script gets done, they'll do it. That could be 2002."

Still, don't get your hopes up yet, as Steven Spielberg's spokesperson Marvin Levy adds, "Steven's got AI, George [has] Star Wars. Do the math. We could be lookin' at 2007, but your guess is as good as mine."

June 22, 2000
It looks like the seemingly stalled Indiana Jones 4 project is finally heating back up again with word that The Sixth Sense writer-director M. Night Shyamalan is in talks to write the film's script. According to Variety, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford sought out Shyamalan to write the film's script. Though no deal is signed as yet, word has it that Shyamalan will begin writing after he wraps the currently in production Unbreakable. Plans are to start shooting the eagerly anticipated sequel in 2002.

February 16, 2000
It sure sounds like Harrison Ford is ready to do another Indiana Jones movie… or at least as ready as he’s willing to admit at this point. According to the New York Post’s Page Six gossip column, while participating in a recent taping of the Bravo cable network’s Inside Actors Studio program, Ford was asked about if there would be an Indy 4. Ford is said to have replied, "Yeah… I say that only because I want it to happen. This is no announcement. We're waiting for a script everyone is happy with, and George [Lucas] is busy elsewhere. Very little progress has been made, but Steven [Spielberg] and I are ready."

November 23, 1999
It’s really hard to tell if Harrison Ford actually wants to reprise the role of Indiana Jones for a fourth film or not. Recent quotes from the actor seem to suggest that he’s leaning towards not doing it right now.

According to the U.K.’s Film Unlimited website, Ford was recently interviewed in Britain and Brazil (boy, does that guy get around). In Brazil, when asked about playing the role again, Ford is stiltedly quoted as saying, "I am sure that I could never play Indiana Jones again. He is in the past of my career. Today I feel closer to characters like Jack Ryan (Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger) than Han Solo and Indiana Jones."

Then, in an interview on Britain’s Big Breakfast program, Ford seems a little more upbeat on the possibility, saying, "Steven (Spielberg) and George (Lucas) will not be available until 2005. I don't know whether I'll be fit or interested at that point, but I hope it could happen before that."

October 21, 1999
It seems as if every other day finds Steven Spielberg, George Lucas or Harrison Ford saying they’re ready to take on Indiana Jones 4 pending some small detail. So, what’s the deal with this eagerly anticipated project? It sounds like at least one of the three is a tad bit nervous about bringing Indy back for one more go around.

More details of the potential project are coming out courtesy of the interviews recently shot for the new Indiana Jones video releases. According to the Hollywood Reporter, in one of the interviews, George Lucas reveals, "We have a script; it's all finished," something he has already said publicly. Also, as previously reported, Ford says he’s game as long as the script is right.

So, how’s the script? It’s impossible to say, obviously, having not read it, but a comment by Spielberg may shed some light on what his opinion is of it at this point, perhaps even echoing the two others. Spielberg says, "We're being a little more prejudicial. We don't want the fourth Indiana Jones movie to leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth."

Having said that, the trade reports that the last and only thing that is actually holding this production back is an agreement by Ford and Spielberg on a script. Since all three are likely to work this out, Indy 4 could happen sooner than we think… or will it?

October 18, 1999
It seems as if wherever Harrison Ford appears, someone’s just gotta ask the guy about another Indiana Jones movie. A reader going by the name of ‘Amedeo’ checked in with info about a recent appearance by Ford on Italian television. Here’s what he/she reports:

"This week Harrison Ford is in Italy to promote his last movie: Random Hearts. This evening was guest to one of the most important Italian newscasts, Tg1 on the national channel Rai1. Besides varied questions on the movie and on the fact that he is considered the sexiest man in the world, the journalist has asked to him: ‘And now let's speak of Indiana Jones, one of the most beloved films of every time, Will You Return Again To Wear Its Hat ?’, Harrison, after a laughter, has explained: ‘I would like a lot to return in the cloths of Indiana Jones if I had a good script as in past. We have had a lot of fun in realize the movies and the public too. In more I would like to work again with Steven Spielberg, I would reenter again gladly in the hat of Indiana Jones.’ His face seemed really had fun and sincere while he was speaking of Indy but in the discourse, my personal opinion is that the conditional was present heavily!!!

October 14, 1999
The folks over at Lucasfilm have launched the official Indiana Jones website. At this time, it primarily features material related to the release of the so-called Indiana Jones Chronicles videos. Still, given that this is official, this is likely to be the place that will eventually be used to promote the forever in pre-development Indiana Jones 4.

September 17, 1999
While speaking with writer/director Frank Darabont about his upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's The Green Mile, Cinescape magazine editor Steve Hockensmith was able to slip in a question about Indiana Jones 4. Though rumors have swirled on the 'net that Darabont would step in to pen a screenplay or rewrite someone else's script, the Young Indiana Jones veteran says he has no official connection to the long-in-development project.

"The truth is, I've never been asked," Darabont revealed. "Though if they did ask, I'd be interested. I love the Indiana Jones series."

Darabont also offered a little commentary on the source of the Indy 4 rumors: "God bless the Internet, because if you search long enough you'll find all kinds of [garbage]. You'll find [someone claiming], 'Frank Darabont had monkeys fly out of his butt this morning!'"

Hockensmith also spoke to Darabont about Doc Savage, With Wings as Eagles and the director's post-Green Mile production slate. Look for updates on those projects next week. There will be no items, however, on flying monkeys or Mr. Darabont's posterior.

September 16, 1999
Regular contributor ‘Stax’ has checked in with some info he just happened to catch on the tube about Indy 4. Harrison Ford, once again, has been asked about his potential participation in the fourth Indiana Jones film. During last night’s Entertainment Tonight program, it was reported that the actor is ready to go if "he likes the script." Regarding the age question, Ford, who is 57, is quoted as saying, "I'm still fit enough to fake it. It's all smoke and mirrors anyway." (Thanks to ‘STAX’ for the info!)

September 1, 1999
It sounds like Steven Spielberg is getting tired of being asked about Indiana Jones 4, that movie that will be made… eventually. While talking to the Popcorn website, Spielberg kidded about the project saying, "It's coming slowly. Harrison and I think we'll still be walking by the time we're ready to shoot it." You can hear him say it for himself by clicking here and following the link.

July 12, 1999
It appears that Tom Clancy's Sum Of All Fears may be heading for the same fate as The Cardinal Of The Kremlin, which Paramount chose to pass on rather than adapt into film. The Calgary Herald has reported that the studio feels that plot of Fears, centering around a terrorist attack on Super Bowl Sunday, is too close for comfort to John Frankenheimer's Black Sunday and therefore would like to adapt Clancy's Debt of Honor instead. Regardless, Producer Mace Neufeld is moving forward with Sum Of All Fears, with Akiva Goldsman currently revising his script. "If Harrison likes it, then we'll do it towards the end of the year 2000 or in early 2001," the producer told the Herald. Should Neufeld's plan of filming in 2000 come to fruition, any hope that Steven Spielberg might still pull off his previously estimated Summer 2001 release date for Indiana Jones 4 would seem to be dashed.

June 7, 1999
While promoting The Phantom Menace, Lucasfilm producer Rick McCallum once again discussed the future of the Indiana Jones franchise, revealing the writer of the screenplay that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg raved about last year. "George has come up with a great idea. Jeffrey Boam has written a terrific script," McCallum told Starlog (which refers to the project as Indiana Jones and the Lost Continent). "The only thing that's holding us back is getting the schedules of Harrison, Steven and George clear enough to make the movie."

McCallum adds, "But I do think it will be made in the not-too-distant future. I don't know if it will be two years or five years, though, because everybody has so much on their plate. Obviously, George has Star Wars for the next five years. Steven has his own company and films he has to do. And Harrison, I don't even think if we tried to book him now that [we] could get him until 2003. And this definitely won't be a prequel."

May 17, 1999
Some of the Insider's readers will remember just about three years ago an alleged (and now famous if hard to locate) script for Indiana Jones 4 surfaced on the Web. Supposedly penned by Jeffrey Boam (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), it was called Sons of Darkness, and it was good enough that it convinced a number of people that it was the real deal. To celebrate the third anniversary of his Indy 4 hoax, screenwriter Robert Smith has posted the first installment of his Sons of Darkness script. If you are interested in reading it, follow this link. The Insider was very impressed, and thinks it could have made a fine fourth Indiana Jones film.

May 14, 1999
It looks like we may all have to wait much longer than we would like for the fourth Indiana Jones film to actually happen. While talking to regular Cinescape contributor Cindy Pearlman for her syndicated column, Lucasfilm producer Rick McCallum shed more light on the elusive property.

"We finished the script about three years ago. Everybody loves it," reveals McCallum. This doesn’t connect well with word from Spielberg revealing that he had just written a script for the film. Still, McCallum does address the reason the film hasn’t moved forward as yet saying what you would expect, "At the time we finished it, Harrison had two years’ worth of commitments. Steven Spielberg was just starting DreamWorks and George Lucas and I were in the middle of Star Wars."

McCallum also gave a time frame for when we can expect to actually see the film start saying, "The plan is that in the next five years, George and I finish Episode II and Episode III of Star Wars and then we will definitely do another Indy. Our plan is that viewers can take the 44 hours we did of the Young Indiana Jones [TV series] where you watch Indy born in 1899 and then you follow him in the movies through the end of the 1950s. We see these movies as a chronicle of the century."

Once again, contrary to what McCallum says, Steven Spielberg did mention publicly that the next Indiana Jones film would hit theaters in 2001. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.

May 2, 1999
Cinescape Online reporter Chris Kivlehan asked Rick McCallum if George Lucas would consider directing an Indiana Jones movie after completing the Star Wars prequel trilogy to which McCallum responded that Indiana Jones was Steven Spielberg’s territory and Lucas would not be directing the fourth Indy film.

"We actually have a great script for Indiana Jones 4," McCallum - who will be producing the movie - went on to explain. All the principles (Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas) are very busy and Ford already has commitments to other projects that span the next two years. Although McCallum was confident that the movie would become a reality, it probably wouldn’t be within "four to five years" (bittersweet news to be sure).

In a related development, McCallum told the audience that The Young Indy television shows will be on video by the end of the year.

May 1, 1999
While speaking to fans of George Lucas' other trilogy at the Star Wars Celebration, producer Rick McCallum revealed that he, himself, would be producer of the upcoming Indiana Jones 4.

February 8, 1999
Bjorn’s Movie Page site has posted a bit of info regarding the tentative release date for the next Indiana Jones film, from Steven Spielberg. Bjorn reports that while talking to Access Hollywood, Spielberg let out that he hopes to see Indy 4 hit theater screens no later than the summer of 2001. Spielberg had mentioned a possible 2001 release date previously, but it's good to see that the highly anticipated project seems to have a firm place in his schedule just behind Minority Report and Memoirs Of A Geisha (it's had a way of slipping off his calendar in the past).

January 28, 1999
Since the rumor mill rarely turns when it comes to the fourth Indiana Jones movie, and news items are few and far between, yours truly thought I'd take time out to investigate the latest buzz that Ewan McGregor's uncle Dennis Lawson (a.k.a. Wedge Antilles from Star Wars) might take a villain turn in Indy 4. The actor’s role had been rumored as being the vengeful brother of Indy's Raiders of the Lost Ark nemesis Belloq. While that sounds like fun, not surprisingly, the rumor seems to be untrue with Lawson's representatives in Britain telling me that they’ve heard "nothing at all" about it.

January 26, 1999
The fan-penned Indy 4 script the Insider has been telling you about, Indiana Jones and the Sword of Arthur, is now online if you wish to read it. In an attempt to prevent script bootleggers from profiting off Indiana Jones fans hopeful to read about the character's next film adventure, aspiring screenwriter Michael Prentice has donated the second draft of his Indy 4 spec script to the website. While Sword of Arthur is not polished and isn't quite up to the level of previous Indy film adventures at this point, yours truly enjoyed delving back into the world of Indiana Jones for a time by reading it. If you are interested in taking a look at it yourself, follow this link.

January 25, 1999
When yours truly reported on a possible Indy 4 script (allegedly written by Jeffrey Boam) floating around called Indiana Jones and the Sword of Arthur, I promised to do some more digging to see if it was, in fact, the real thing.

Shortly after running the story, I was contacted by Michael Prentice, an aspiring screenwriter who claimed that he had written a script using that title quite some time back. Michael kindly sent a copy of his screenplay to the Insider's office so that I could look into the matter, and having read his script I can now confirm that it is the same Indy 4 that has been synopsised on the IndyFan website. Apparently, it would seem that Indiana Jones and the Sword of Arthur was NOT penned by Jeffrey Boam and will not be the basis of the fourth Indy film.

January 12, 1999
Despite the fact that the project rarely seems to move forward, the Insider is well aware of the fact that many of you eagerly await news and rumors on the fourth installment in the Indiana Jones franchise. I may have something today that interests you.

A source of mine says that the next Indy adventure may be called Indiana Jones and the Sword of Arthur. Here's what my source had to say about the alleged script:

"I've recently come upon a script called Indiana Jones and the Sword of Arthur. It was written by Jeffrey Boam, and the pages are marked "Property of Lucasfilm Ltd" and "Final Draft". I understand that George Lucas recently announced that the script for Indy 4 is ready, and the person who made this script available to me is a very reliable source. I've yet to crack the pages open for fear of spoiling the next Indy adventure for myself, but, obviously, the story must have something to do with Indy's hunt for the blade Excalibur ... "

Most of the reports I'd been hearing before I got this e-mail involved Indy and Atlantis in some shape or form, but they were, of course, even less confirmable than the one you read above. Could this be the new Indy script? I honestly don't know ... yet. However, the search for King Arthur's invincible sword is defintely a suitable artifact/story device in the tradition of the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant -- and much more intruiging then a quest to find the lost continent could ever be, IMHO. I'll try to do some more digging on this subject, but I thought I'd keep you all posted FWIW ...

December 7, 1998
As Indiana Jones fans thirst for details on the development of Indy's next feature film adventure, my favorite fan site devoted to globetrotting archaeologist delivers a cool sip of water. The proprietor of managed to get his hands on a plot breakdown for what may have been a failed Indy script by Jeb Stuart, called Indiana Jones and the Saucer Men From Mars. If you could use a cool dose of adventure Indiana Jones-style while development news on the real deal is sparse, the Insider recommends that clicking here.

November 6, 1998
George Lucas, speaking at the Screen Producers’ Association of Australia conference, revealed that the script for Indiana Jones 4 is finished and waiting for its director and star. "It really is a matter of Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford’s time frames." Both men currently have a variety of projects on their slate and, while making public comments that they’d enjoy filming another chapter, a start date has yet to be determined. Spielberg has confirmed that the script also calls for Sean Connery to return as Indy’s father.

July 10, 1998
Rumors have flown around the Internet rumor sites that Michelle Yeoh (Tomorrow Never Dies) has signed onto Indy 4. It's certainly not a bad idea, but as of now, it is only a rumor. One of the Cinescape staff called to get the official word. A Lucasfilm representative told our reporter that no actors have been signed for the project at this point: "We're not in production on Indiana Jones 4," she said. Not yet, anyway...

July 8, 1998
In a recent interview with Cinescape writer Cindy Pearlman, Harrison Ford responded to questions regarding a reprise of Indiana Jones. "I would do a sequel in a New York minute," the actor revealed. "I would love to do that character again. It's one of my favorites." So IS the actor prepping for another turn as Indy? His subsequent answers became much more confirmatory. "I'm also looking forward to working with Sean Connery again. He makes a great screen dad." Ford's last comment not only suggests that Indy 4 is on his plate, but seems to confirm that Connery will be joining him as well -- a fact that the Insider reported in this space last week.

July 3, 1998
Steven Spielberg, talking with Cinescape contributor Cindy Pearlman, confirms Cinescape Online's report that Indiana Jones 4 is now well underway. "The Indiana Jones 4 hat is halfway on my head," Spielberg reveals. "I have the plot worked out." The director also tells Pearlman, who published her interview in the Chicago Tribune, that filming could begin in the summer of 2000 and would include both Harrison Ford and Sean Connery as we previously reported.

July 2, 1998
ABC's Chicago affiliate, WLS-TV, reported on Thursday afternoon that Steven Spielberg is now working on a script and shaping the plot for Indiana Jones 4. According to the station's 4 o'clock local news, Harrison Ford and Sean Connery are both slated to return in the next Jones adventure, which should begin filming in two years time. (Thanks to a WLS-TV representative for confirming the story and to 'Kiki' for keeping her eyes on the local news).

June 1, 1998
Cinescape Online reader Kiki sent in a note to let us know that Harrison Ford appeared on the Rosie O'Donnell show this afternoon to plug Six Days, Seven Nights. According to Kiki, one of the first questions Rosie asked the actor was in regards to Indy 4. Ford allegedly said, "I would love to do another Indiana Jones movie, but the trouble is there is no script." (Thanks to "Kiki" for the scoop!)

May 29, 1998
The recycled Indiana Jones plot details and title that reappeared earlier this week on Ain't It Cool News were shot down by Mr. Showbiz who interview screenwriter Jeffrey Boam. "I turned in a script two years ago, but I haven't heard anything about it lately," Boam explained. "The Lost Continent wasn't the title - we do have a title, but George [Lucas] wouldn't even let me put it on the title page."

Spielberg spokesman Marvin Levy also concedes that "Jeffrey Boam is the one person who has been associated with the project over the years, but the project's not on any list that I have right now." This would seemingly put to rest any question regarding the authenticity of the Indy 4 script called The Law Of One that arrived at Cinescape Online's doorstep.

May 5, 1998
The Hollywood Reporter reports that Jeffery Boam's new Indiana Jones script "received high marks from Steven Spielberg." This item suggests that the recent mystery script sent to Cinescape Online (and reported in the April 10th Insider called "The Law of One") is a fake or, at the very least, a spec script. (Thanks to "Kirk" for the tip on Boam)

April 14, 1998
We've received hundreds of letters claiming that the Indiana Jones script featured in last week's Insider is actually based on a popular LucasArts computer game (or the Dark Horse comic series, depending on the author of the letter). While we are still investigating the origins of the script, we want to let Cinescape Online readers know that Indiana Jones: The Law Of One is NOT based on the game or the comic book series. The Indy 4 screenplay we have is set in 1953 and includes brand new characters never before seen in any Indy-based film or product.

April 10, 1998
Just over two weeks ago, Cinescape Online received an envelope, addressed from a major motion picture studio, that contained what purported to be an early draft of the screenplay to Indiana Jones 4. Entitled Indiana Jones: The Law of One, the script was a great read, filled with interesting characters and plenty of action. The plot follows Indy on a race to harness the power of the ancient device which was responsible for the destruction of Atlantis.

But is it real?

After an e-mail exchange and a lengthy telephone conversation with the person who sent the script, our investigation remains inconclusive. There are a number of facts, however, that would undermine the claims of the source. Chief among them are the authors' lack of registration with the Writers' Guild of America, as well as the writers' reps denying knowledge of the project...or their supposed clients.

So could it be real?

The storyline is very good, and the script was professionally prepared (with the possible exception of the authors' phone numbers on the script cover). Of course, that doesn't automatically translate into authenticity. Personally, we think it would make a great Indy sequel if it's the real deal. Let's just say we have our doubts for now...

February 23, 1998
Much to the dismay of fans of Lucasfilm's movies, Mark Hamill's representatives denied rumors that he would play a role in the next Indiana Jones film. When contacted by Cinescape Online, Hamill's camp answered suggestions that the veteran of George Lucas's other famous trilogy would be portraying the villain of the fourth Indy picture with the following statement: "It is just a rumor with no basis in fact."

January 29, 1998
Indiana Jones 4 is now confirmed as being in development and no longer in the planning stages. According to the licensing agreement between Lucasfilm and Galoob Toys, Indy 4 (listed as the tentative title) is specifically addressed with Harrison Ford in the lead, but no mention of Sean Connery. The agreement, obtained through the Securities and Exchange Commission, also notes that Steven Spielberg is the planned director of the fourth Jones adventure. The filing also refers to possible sequels to Willow and a possible film adaptation of Lucasfilm's Alien Chronicles book series.

January 14, 1998
Sources within Lucasfilm tell us that the story behind the new Indiana Jones film will be the search for Atlantis.

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