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There has been a lot of abuse on the Internet of the names of celebrities and well-known personalities. Some famous names are being used as pointers to porn sites. Others are being used as email addresses. Still others are being offered for sale to the highest bidder.

We acted to reserve and preserve the Internet domain websites corresponding to the names of a number of prominent people. We want them to have their respective domains as a gift for their own personal use. Our hope is that our act of stewardship will benefit these individuals for years to come.

If you know a particular celebrity or public figure whose name we have reserved on their behalf, please have them get in touch with us at the address below.

Contact us:
The Friend To Friend Foundation
PO Box 14923 Lenexa, KS 66285
913-962-5642    (M-F 9-5 Central)

Read What The Washington Post says about Friend To Friend!

Some examples of people and organizations Friend To Friend Foundation has been able to help receive their domain name:

Larry HagmanKelsey Grammer
Habitat For Humanity •  Frankie AvalonLeon Levy
Peter FalkRay BoltzArt GarfunkelWarren MoonJohn StosselDanny SeoRoger MarisHelen ReddyDelta BurkeLuis Palau

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April 9th, 1999

Dear Rob and Shae,

What a wonderful thing you have done - I appreciate it so much, as I'm sure other people you've done this for do too. A donation is being sent to you under separate cover.

Thanks very much - I hope you'll visit my website when you get a chance.

Best wishes,

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