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Monday: Poverty & the Wealth Gap
[Register for LA ] [LA Highlights] [Watch the Philly Video Clips]

August 13 to August 17
Patriotic Hall, 1816 Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015-3499

[Directions to LA Venue] [Directions to LA Headquarters]

Full Audio Transcript of Sunday's Event Available
Enjoy the full audio transcript of yesterday's Los Angeles Shadow Convention. (Requires RealPlayer 8) All streaming media provided by RealImpact, a Project of RealNetworks.

On Democrats' Day Of Self-Congratulation, Shadow Convention Focuses On The Other America
The Shadow Convention presents the Other America. A powerful line-up of political leaders, spiritual leaders, members of affected communities and policy experts will discuss the persistence of poverty in the midst of our vaunted prosperity and the alarming wealth gap generated by the new economy. This Shadow Convention session begins at 10 AM at Patriotic Hall, 1816 So. Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, just five blocks south of the Staples Center.

Feingold Calls For Halt To Special Interest Money Events At Convention
Feingold told the opening night assembly of Shadow Convention L.A. at the Patriotic Hall in downtown Los Angeles that the upcoming Democratic convention will join the lately concluded Republican convention as "the worst display of money and corruption in American history."

Culture Jam Heats up Los Angeles Shadow Convention
Music, Culture and Activism: From Hippies to Hip-Hop and Beyond", featuring rap pioneer KRS-One, John lydon, Vernon Reid, and very special surprise guests TBA talking with KPFA Radio's Davey D and Mark LeVine about the seminal political moments in pop music they each participated in (the civil rights/anti-war movements, the beginnings of punk, and the Public Enemy era in hip-hop), and how we can learn from those experiences to once again make music, and the culture industries more generally, a force for change in our larger society.

Updated Schedule for Los Angeles Shadow Convention
Come and explore the official schedule of events for the Los Angeles Shadow Conventions 2000. Open your planner and fill your schedule!

Discuss the L.A. Shadow Convention
Make your voice heard in the official Shadow Conventions online discussion forum! Hosted by Café Utne, Utne Reader's Webby Award-winning discussion community, the Shadow Conventions online conference lets you interact directly with the featured speakers and conveners. Join other users and share your stories and opinions on big money politics, poverty and inequality, and the failed drug war.

Parking Map for Los Angeles Shadow Convention
Everybody drives in Los Angeles! Los Angeles translates literally to "The City that Always Drives." So, we have a map that will help you find a safe harbor for your transport!

CSMonitor.com: The 'Shadow' Knows
"It's a mix you'd think is doomed to fail, but somehow it succeeds despite itself perhaps simply out of novelty. I defy anyone to find another convention that would feature Gary Johnson, Jesse Jackson, and comedian Al Franken (in the character of alter-ego Stuart Smalley) as speakers - all in the same morning."

Shadow Convention L.A. Highlights
Come in for a preview of the Los Angeles Shadow Convention. Take a sneak peak of all the excitement and happenings planned for the other conventions, Shadow Conventions 2000.

Volunteer Tasks
We need help in all areas to make this a success. Read over the list and see if there is anything you can do to help out. Also, driving directions to LA Headquarters.

Spread the News Online
Please help us get information about the Shadow Conventions out on the web. Bring it up in any chat rooms or discussion groups you're a part of, and put a link to the shadow conventions on your website. We have banners available for use on websites-- or better yet, design your own and send it to us, so we can use it too.
Read More About the Banner Campaign >>

Directions to LA Venue
August 13 to August 17, Patriotic Hall - 1816 Figueroa St

Press Release Announcing Shadow Conventions
Call to Renewal, The National Campaign for Jobs and Income Support, Common Cause, The Lindesmith Center - Drug Policy Foundation, United for a Fair Economy, Public Campaign and author and syndicated columnist Arianna Huffington will host shadow conventions to parallel the major party conventions to be held this summer in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. These shadow conventions will focus on three critical public-interest issues that the major political parties have failed to sufficiently address: campaign finance reform, poverty and the growing wealth gap, and the failed war on drugs.

Live Streaming Audio of Today's Program in Progress: Tune In!
Webcast requires RealPlayer 8.0 Basic

Join us for live interactive chats with Shadow Convention Speakers courtesy of Firetalk.

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Raise Your Voice: Join Arianna Huffington and other speakers and conveners in the Shadow Conventions discussion forum, hosted by Café Utne. Watch this space for daily updates on featured discussions.

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