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IRC in Mozilla, aka ChatZilla


The goals of ChatZilla are to implement an IRC client using the framework provided by Mozilla. ChatZilla will NOT be required to run Mozilla. The ChatZilla codebase will be 100% JavaScript and XUL. Additional features, such as HTML styled messages, and per-channel styles will be implemented in a way that does not interfere with non-ChatZilla clients.

Finally, this page is updated!

Ok, this page has been out of date for quite a while. If you haven't already heard, the bslib component that was mentioned in the previous version of this page is no longer. That means that ChatZilla is now 100% JavaScript and XUL. In addition to these two core Mozilla technologies, ChatZilla makes liberal use of RDF and CSS (with more RDF to come.)


Robert Ginda is the original author of ChatZilla. He is now a Netscape employee, but he gets paid to work on the JavaScript 2.0 implementation, not ChatZilla (contrary to a rather creative technology reporter.) ChatZilla is something he does in his spare time. Rob has no ties to any other open source messaging organizations (also contrary to a rather creative technology reporter.)

Josh Gough has been hacking on ChatZilla ever since it was a JavaScript 'bot named mingus. He has implemented a bunch of commands, and is working on more.

Dan Matejka fixed the ChatZilla makefiles and created a manifest.rdf so that ChatZilla works in the new chrome order.

Peter Van der Beken re-implemented connection-xpcom.js to use necko, instead of the bslib, thus freeing ChatZilla of its C++ code.

Simon Fraser put together the initial Macintosh build goop, allowing Apple users to experience the joy of ChatZilla.

Building ChatZilla

In autoconf environments such as Unix, configure your build with --with-extensions=default,irc, to create the necessary makefiles, and rebuild. If your tree is already built, you only need to gmake in extensions/irc (after configuring) to add the IRC client.

Windows & Mac
ChatZilla is built by default on Windows and Mac.

Running ChatZilla

Start Mozilla with the -chat option, or with the -chrome chrome://chatzilla/content option, or just select IRC Chat from the Tasks menu.

See the ChatZilla User's Guide for information on what to do after starting ChatZilla.

Last modified: Thu May 18 15:24:27 PDT 2000
Copyright © 1998-2000 The Mozilla Organization.
Last modified May 18, 2000.