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Wednesday, August 09, 2000
03:00PM Rabbis and Jewish community leaders will be presenting a statement in support of the jailed activists on Thursday, the Jewish fast day "Tisha B'Av". The statement reportedly will urge Philadelphia to not "persecute" protestors for "speaking out" and to listen to the demonstrators' "prophetic voices". [ Press Release | Prayer for Activists ]
02:00PM At noon today, 40 women protestors broadened their hunger strike into a "water strike", during which they will not drink any liquid, putting their lives in danger. 149 activists are currently engaged in a hunger strike. The women detainees engaging in the water strike announced that their strike would continue until four demands were met and that they are "not afraid to put their lives on the line". Lynn Abraham has made several statements to the press indicating that she will not negotiate with the imprisoned activists. [ Release ]
12:00PM After a full day of hunger strike by 149 male and female imprisoned activists, 40 female detainees are now declaring a "water strike" by announcing that they will not drink any liquids until four demands are met. [ Release ]
Monday, August 07, 2000
09:00PM Lisa Richette, the Philadelphia judge who presided over Monday's bail-reduction hearing, ruled that hearings would not be granted to those participating in jail solidarity. One single bail has been reduced: John Sellers, coordinator of the Ruckus Society, had his $1,000,000 bail reduced to $100,000. [ Inquirer Article ]
02:30PM Reports indicate that most women have been moved to the PIC Prison facility, and can now receive visitors and letters. [ R2K Notice ]
Sunday, August 06, 2000
02:00PM 341 men and women remain in prison, committed to jail solidarity. A group of 24 men in county jail have issued a public statement describing their condition and what their commitment to "jail solidarity" means. [ Statement ]
Saturday, August 05, 2000
02:00PM According to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Mayor Street has announced that the detained activists will be "fully prosecuted". The Mayor, in his press conference, attempted to present juggling and puppetry equipment as weapons, despite the explicit commitment of the activists to non-violence.
More Breaking News...
Constitutional Violations Persist in Philadelphia Prisons
341 protestors remain in jail today, maintaining jail solitarity in the face of alledged brutality and constitutional violations. There are ongoing afternoon and evening support rallies, as friends and families of protestors demand release and humane treatment for their loved ones. Continued reports of brutality and demoralization continue to trickle out. Bail has been set at unprecedented levels for misdemeanors, ranging up to $1,000,000 in some cases.
R2K Legal has issued a release with details about the conditions within the prison. [ Press Release ]
Personal accounts:
 My story [ Article ]
 Released Dallas activist recounts jail abuses [ Article ]
 Protestors Endure the Holmsburg Blues [ Article ]
 Last, Somber Moments in Philadelphia [ Article ]
Torturos Conditions in Philly Jails [ Article ]
Activists Take the Streets of Philadelphia to Protest the Criminal Justice System
Photo by Peter Holderness
Several thousand protestors joined together in non-violent direct action on Tuesday in protest against the state of the American criminal justice system.

The protestors maintained that the American criminal justice system reinforces the problems our communities face instead of solving them. A statement issued before the protests by an association of smaller groups that organized the non-violent direct action called for an end to the "brutalization, mass incarceration, and execution of Blacks, Latinos, Asian Americans, and youth nationwide."

About the issues:

All week, the Kensington Welfare Rights Union has been offering tours of the poverty-stricken Philadelphia that that delegates don't see. [ Article ]
Amnesty International report: Race, Rights, and Police Brutality [ Link ]
Jonathan Kozol, one of America's foremost social critics and a resident of the South Bronx, gives a gripping first-hand account of the racial inequalities in American education and criminal justice. [ Video ]
Jesse Jackson speaks out against the death penalty at a press conference entitled "Democracy and the Death Penalty?". [ Watch the Video ]

UnConventional radio show produced by the National Radio Project.

About the direct action:

Tuesday began with a pre-emptive raid, initially without a signed warrant, on a puppet studio in West Philadelphia. All 70 people inside were eventually arrested. [ Video | new!Video of Onlooking Clowns | Audio (civil rights attorney) ]

A game of soccer successfully blocked Spruce and Broad Street as a blockade was established. Mass arrests followed over the course of the afternoon.[ Article | Statement Issued by Protestors | Watch police steal anarchists' ball | Watch the police break apart the blockade | See Photos of the Lockdown and Arrests ]

General overview from the Unconvention. [ Read the Article ]
Wednesday night update about detainees: degrading conditions within the Roundhouse. [ Read the Article ]
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August 1, 2000
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July 31st, 2000
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Anarchist Statement on GOP and Democratic Conventions
A statement from the anarchist movement on the GOP and Democratic conventions... [ Read the editorial ]
The Need for a Re-constructive Vision
By Mr. Ash
... But why are we here? Some are advocating reform of campaign finances, some are advocating reform of the capitalist system in general, while others are advocating something completely different -- the abolition of the state and capitalism altogether and replacing it with a society based on an ethical, ecological, humane method of face-to-face decision making which benefits every member of a community and helps society progress toward true freedom... [ Read the Article]
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