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Welcome to the Source Project is the open source project through which Sun Microsystems is releasing the technology for the popular StarOffice(tm) productivity suite. is a new project that Sun is launching and will be sponsoring and participating in going forward. is the name of the overall project and is being hosted by Collab.Net. Its three main features are:

      downloadable sources and information
      the community and communication mechanisms for the project
      the governance body called the Foundation.

The project establishes the necessary facilities to make this open source technology available to the developer community. This project web site currently includes informational resources and discussion forums. Publicly accessible source code will become available on this site on October 13. Principal project objectives are:

      Establishment of open, XML-based standards for office productivity file formats and language-independent bindings to component APIs
      Open access to the source code via CVS versioning to enable innovation for building the next generation of open network productivity services.

Learn more general info

About : Read background on Sun's reasons and goals for open sourcing StarOffice software as
News : Stay up on latest news about the project, community, and related product announcements.
FAQ : Find answers to all the fundamental questions about technology, licensing, governance, Sun's role, and more.
Mailing List : Jump in here by subscribing to the discussion mailing list now, and additional technical lists later as this project grows.
White Papers : Understand the technology and methodology behind
License : Read about dual licensing and view the complete text of the GPL and SISSL licenses.
Governance : Get details about the developer community structure.

Get involved

Sun will contribute the initial source code in mid-October but you can get involved now. Join the general discussion and announce mailing lists to start contributing to this new open source office applications project!

Read the Hackers' Guide to is live!

More to come: watch this site for source code, bug tracking, and additional developer mailing lists coming Oct. 13

Read the Sun Press Release

Read the Collab.Net Press Release

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