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Hi, I'm Brendan Eich, welcome to my homepage. I'm the inventor of JavaScript. JavaScript lets you do cool stuff like this clock that I just wrote: There probably a way to make it into an alarm clock. If you code it I will put it up on my page. You can also use JavaScript to do animations. Because of JavaScript, the New York Times did an article about me a few years ago. JavaScript is so popular I even saw a personal add from a "javascript girl" looking for "javascript boy" in the SF weekly. And no, I didn't answer the ad; but if you took out the ad and are now reading this please send me mail here.

One day I went looking for documents on the web that talked about me. Incredibly, I found someone with almost the same name as me. Is that too cool or what?

If you are like me and own a Porsche Boxster (the coolest car ever made) then you will be sure to want to join the Boxster Registry so other people can know about your car too. Mine's gray with an orange interior. Wave if you see me on the street.

My Bio:

I was born in Sunnyvale California in 1964. I've got a twin brother named Tim or Tom (I can never remember). People always say we look the same. I went to the University of Illinois in the early 1980's where I majored in cow-tipping. After school I worked for Silicon Graphics for a while. That was boring so then I went to some other random company and from there eventually ended up at Netcsape.

I think that Chelsea Clinton is the coolest first daughter ever. I've been so impressed by how she has been able to put all of the Washington scandals behind her and focus on her studies at Stanford. I've been thinking of starting a Silicon Valley chapter of the Chelsea Clinton fan-club. Chelsea if you ever read this send me some mail!


My hotlist:

I'm too busy to put my hotlist up here.

Version: 3.1
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