The Australian governament has passed a restrictive bill (Bill 1999) which will severely cripple free expression on the Internet.
There are many reasons why that is wrong. If youre interested, you can read my Senate submission explaining what is wrong with this bill.
You will be one of the few people that had. The Politicians on the Senate commitee hadn't bothered (so much for participatory democracy in Australia).

One of the many ways you can carry the message to the public is wear this tee shirt.

This is what the design looks like on a T-shirt. If you click on the image, you will download a 60k GIF file which will print on an A4 page.
This is sufficient for a monocolor print. I have now received the first run of the shirt.
The shirts look as good as pictured and are a very dynamic way to promote the cause.

It generates comments wherever you go. Go for a walk in one of these dawn the mall or to the movies.
Some of the comments Ive heard (send in your overheard comments!).
"Yeah man its true."
"Yeah, God knows there enough books to be burned." (oops missed the target demographic there!)
"Internet censorship (mumble, mumble)"
Most people just walk around you in aprahension. Oh my God, hes expressing an opinion! Someone call the Cops!
I went to the Regurgitator concert in it and I heard a lot of people talking about it, rising the issue in their own groups
of friends. Recently 3 jock types were walking past me, obviously the shirt was noticed, they hung their heads down and
mumbled amongst themselves. If anything, this shirt starts people talking about the issue.
You have got to be ready with quick sound bites wearing this shirt, because you will get ignorant swill saying
gems like "So you like online porn then do you?". A good line to quote back?
"Online porn makes up for 1.6% of total online content, you just told your frinds what sites you visit :-)"

Full Text:



1) At the moment I have no plans
to print any more. This may change
depending on how silly the government
gets enforcing this retrograde law.
If you are still interested, email me
at wulfius_at_camtech_dot_net_dot_au.
If it becomes available again it will sell
for about $A20+ pp.

2) Click on the image to get the artwork
and print as many as you want!!!
Im not in it for the money, just backlink
to this page for credit.

Technical notes:
The design was developed in Freehand 5 to get the funky nurbs happening. The whole image was then imported, fonted and massaged in Photoshop 4. The font used is CITYOF. If I had more time, I would designed the flames to look like a profile of a screaming person or maybe even Adolf Hitler. Goebels is probably more appropriate but his public recognition sucks. I also wanted to put BILL 1999 on the book title but there are two problems with that:
a) Its not really ok to talk about book burning being a bad thing then set alight someone elses intellectual property (using the term very liberaly when it comes to bill 1999).
b) It makes the design less universal.
Final note, if you look at the design, the book is not actually aflame. You can say that the force of the ideas contained in the book
is keeping the flames of ignorance at bay (neat huh? :-).

I wanted the design to be like one of those occupational health and safety signs. Immediately recognisible for what it is.
BTW: I am an amateur. Do you have any idea how hard is it to make stylised fire? "Make it more pointy!" -- My fiancee.
Let me know what you think of the design.

CONCEPT ONLY (with downloadable design, click on the artwork for a print template design.)
This real cool concept capitilises on the fact that BILL 1999 upside down looks like 666 the evil number of the Beast!
(Upside down) BILL 1999
"All that is necessary 
for evil to triumph
is for good men to do nothing."
- Edmund Burke

Stop evil in Australia
fight Internet Censorship.


I have no plans to print this as a Tshirt.
By clicking on the image you can
download A4 monocolor (80k).
You can then print it and do a Tshirt.

(C) 1999 Jase Przychodzen. I claim full copyright for this design. I release this design (the burning book design) without any royalties or further claims if it is to be used as an expression of opposition for any individual or non-profit body against anyone trying to introduce excessive restrictions of the Internet contravining Article 19 of the universal declaration of human rights. You may not alter the design in any way.
You may change the URL down the bottom to suit your current cause.

Created 23/May/1999
Updated 5/Jan/2000