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This Month's Restaurant Review
The Love Shack - by Corby Kummer
Jasper White's brand-spanking-new Summer Shack is big in every way. So prepare to wait, then open wide for lobsters galore.

Last Month's Restaurant Review
Prime Time - by Corby Kummer
This summer, award-winning chef Melissa Kelly breaks out on her own with Primo, in Rockland, Maine. The advance word: great start.

June 2000
Bistro Yo-Yo - by Corby Kummer
Merci beaucoup: Les Zygomates successfully creates a true Parisian ambiance. But can the fare live up to the sublime room?

May 2000
Ritz Business - by Corby Kummer
As is the case with the hotel that houses it, the Ritz-Carlton Dining Room has gotten a facelift. The verdict: She looks good.

April 2000
Blame it on Rio - by Corby Kummer
Hot, hot hot! The fiery flavors of Brazil are matched by the glam young crowd and potent cocktails at Bomboa.

March 2000
Claremont Café - by Corby Kummer
Claremont Café is the epitome of a beloved neighborhood restaurant—where diners flock as much for the ambience as the food.

February 2000
SALTS - by Corby Kummer
Who knew Romania could be so romantic? Salts, in Cambridge, is elevating eastern European cuisine to sweet heights.

January 2000
Truc - by Corby Kummer
The rejuvenated menu at Truc—courtesy of a new, young talent in the kitchen—has turned the South End bistro into a winner.

December 99
Mall Wonder - by Corby Kummer
Can fine dining be found in food-court territory? Red Clay, at the Atrium, proves there's more to malls than shopping.

November 99
Something to Crow About - by Corby Kummer
At Black Crow, the Welch brothers have managed to put together an ambitious and stylish blend of creativity, homeyness, and hearty elegance to create the pearl of Jamaica Plain.

October 99
California Dreaming - by Corby Kummer
Who needs red sauce? In the heart of the North End, Bricco is a hybrid of California and Italian cuisines that is just too good and too attractive to ignore.

September 99
Torch - by Corby Kummer
Evan Deluty showcases his carefully honed French technique at Torch, the eagerly anticipated restaurant on Beacon Hill. You know what that means: Save room for dessert.

July 99
Spanish Ayes - by Corby Kummer
Despite its spare decor, Rauxa boasts an ambitious menu of exotic Catalan cuisine and a Spanish wine list Papa Hemingway would have died for.

June 99
Lumiere - Corby Kummer
Jill and Michael Leviton's Lumiere-with its classic French food and unpretentious, stylish surroundings-is destined to make Newton a culinary destination.

May 99
The Oak Room & Abe & Louie's - by Corby Kummer
If only the Oak Room would marry Abe & Louie's, the result could be the best place in town for a buttery slab of beef.

April 99
Maison Robert - by Corby Kummer
Thanks to chef Jacky Robert and company, Maison Robert is one Boston institution that you can still bank on.

March 99
Radiating Heat - by Corby Kummer
No, the pies aren't square at Radius, but Michael Schlow's new restaurant has fast become the hypotenuse of hip.

February 99
Fresh Harvest - by Corby Kummer
Long the training ground for some of our best local chefs, Harvest has regained its status as a watering hole of choice for Harvard Square intellectuals. But does the food measure up?

December 98
Tosca Deliziosa - by Corby Kummer
A countrified atmosphere and food that occasionally borders on brilliance make the drive to Hingham worthwhile.

November 98
Maine Street - by Corby Kummer
You can drive up to Portland or dash over to Cambridge for the pleasures of New England cooking.

October 98
Virgin Territory - by Corby Kummer
It's a rare pleasure to walk into a restaurant where the room feels just right. Evoo is one of those restaurants.

September 98
To the Nines
Barbara Lynch's No. 9 Park has all the ingredients to make the chef a star on a national stage. That is, if she can work out the kinks.

August 98
Out of the Woodses
It's never easy to keep two restaurants running right, but Seth and Shari Woods are up to the challenge.

July 98
French Kissed
Fads come and go, but they can't compare to the impeccably executed classic French food that Julien offers in an atmosphere of elegance and style.

June 98
Ming's Dynasty
Mixing Asian ingredients with French techniques, chef Ming Tsai has launched the hottest new restaurant around.

May 98
The Men's Room
Supremely self-assured, Grill 23 has succeeded by refining the key elements of the classic steak house.

April 98
Truc Confessions
There's a lot of talent both behind and in front of the scenes at Truc, and it's bound to attract a devoted following-but not, I'm sorry to predict, at this restaurant.

March 98
As Thyme Goes By Casablanca, one of Harvard Square's last links to the sixties offers big tastes and big portions at moderate prices.

February 98
Upstairs, Downstairs: Top of the Hub, Legal Sea Foods From top to bottom, the Pru has two restaurants where out-of-towners are most likely to get their first taste of Boston cuisine.

January 98
At Anago's new digs in the Lenox Hotel, the fabulous grilled sturgeon is just one of the many dishes that make for serious dining.

December 97
Chic Korea
Jae's sushi menu combines Japanese and American classics with piquant variations.

November 97
Clio, the new restaurant at the Eliot Hotel, has all the ingredients to make it an untouchably great addition to Boston's restaurant scene.

October 97
Falling for Sienna
Introducing a serious new restaurant in a land otherwise known for fern bars, coffee shops, and blazing foliage.

September 97
Heavy Metal
Restaurant Zinc

August 97
The hip and stylish can breathe easy at last.


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