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  • Best of Boston 1998 - Here it is. The very best that Boston has to offer. You'll find everything from after-theater dining to the best sports prediction, all listed by category.
  • Hall of Fame - Best of Boston repeat winners.
  • The Best There Ever Was - Top of the game: Mr. Baseball, Ted Williams

July 1998

  • Planet Vineyard - Martha's Vineyard isn't all about Black Dogs and Clinton gawkers. Our vineyard virgin gives you an out-of-this-world glimpse of the island where the unchic is always chic.
  • Nantucket Nation - From elegant dining to funky clam shacks to romantic sunset cruises and hikes through cranberry bogs, an insider's guide to an island where the elite go to get away from it all.
  • Fish Out of Water - Out on Nantucket they like to think of themselves as the quieter, quainter alternative to glitzy, celebrity-sodden Martha's Vineyard.

June 1998

  • Summer Pleasures - From a cabin in Maine to a fishing charter off Block Island, we've put together trips to satisfy everyone.
  • Tangled Wood - When the Boston Symphony's summer home reopens this month, it will still be a buclolic paradise for music lovers. Just don't bring up the war between conductor Seiji Ozawa and Tanglewood's top brass.
  • Spinning Tails - These are truly the dog days for anyone looking to rent great summer videos.

May 1998

  • Style - Style is the self-assurance to make your own mark-the way you design your buildings, the way you run your company, the way you dress.

April 1998

  • Real Estate 101 - Annual Survey of The Best Places to Live
  • Grape Expectations - Buying Bordeaux futures is a risky business, so you'd better know what you're doing.
  • Head Negro In Charge Harvard's Henry Louis Gates Jr. may be the most influential black man in the United States today.

March 1998

  • The New Irish - The Boston Irish have long wallowed in their grand but miserable past.
  • Cool Draught - Stout, that misunderstood brew, is available in quality that should make ardent Celts even greener-with envy.
  • Geraldo and Me - this Emerson college student really had no idea that he was about to be humiliated on National television by the master of schlock.
  • Finder's Fee A finderella story, or, how novelist Joe Finder, a would-be kremlinologist, came to be Hollywood's next hot commodity.

February 1998

  • Boston Magazine Health Care Special - How can you get the best health care? We prescribe a healthy dose of skepticism so that you can be your own best advocate.
  • Knight Fall - How a republican smear campaign against Al Gore undid a promising Boston-area company.
  • Kind of a Drag - An inside look at one of Harvard's goofiest traditions.

January 1998