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    "Bostons Most Eligable Singles" Annual Harbor Dance Cruise & Party. Sat, June 17th, 5-10 PM. Terrific "Bon Yoyage" Party. 375 Singles, $35.00 781 446-0234.


    LOVING, BEAUTIFUL FORMER MODEL, 5'7", size 4. Professional, Three Ivy degrees. Ballet dancer. Financially independent. Cherishes family, friendships. Enjoys culture, travel, reading, movies, and outdoors. Cares deeply to share emotional and physical touching, integrity, enthusiam, maturity, thoughtfulness, with similar man, age 40-60, who can chuckle about mating via capitalism's love-child, advertisement. BMAG BOX MAY 0130 VOICE MAIL #3027

    Blonde Ultra-Feminine Successful MBA, 37, SWPF. Adventurous: skiing, sailing, backpacking, world traveler.. and then little black dresses for quiet romantic dinners. Seeking worldly SWPM, 38-45 for fun, maybe more. VOICE MAIL #3047. MEN SEEKING WOMEN:

    If you are 28-33ish SWF, well-educated, intelligent, professional who is slim, beautiful inside and out, and would like to meet one of the most eligible bachelors in Boston, this ad is for you. I am an attractive, intelligent, non-conventional, witty, 39, 5'7", 170lb, S(imported!) WM and an emormously successful high-tech CEO/Entrepreneur, looking for a stable, sincere woman with traditional values who is as excited about her career as enjoying extended weekend getaways in exotic places, windsurfing, skiing, staying fit, dining out and exploring new fine things in life. Drop me a line and a photo if you are looking to make a new friend and explore a long-term relationship and more! BMAG BOX May 0131 Voicemail#3028