02 August Opera for Windows 4.02 Final Version The best Internet experience just got better! Download it now or read more about it.
06 July Opera for EPOC Final Version Now Available! Opera for EPOC: Defining mInternet - Read the press release.
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Experience Opera 4.02!

Opera for Windows 4.02 -- The Best Getting Even Better --

Tired of 20MB+ downloads, megabytes of updates, sluggish performance, HTML standard violations, desktop domination, instability, the seductive word 'free', and a browser war that left you as the only casualty? Then welcome to Opera! Small, fast, customizable, powerful but user-friendly, Opera takes the wait out of the Internet, reduces your online charges and does what the others tried in vain: it puts a big smile on your face. With all these features, Opera is well worth paying for.

Have a look around, and if you don't know Opera, download the latest version which is yours for 30 full user days to evaluate.

Opera for Windows

Opera 4.02 is the latest final version and is now available either with or without Java! Download it now! OR read more about it.

Opera for EPOC: Final Version

Opera for EPOC is now available as a final version. You can download it now or read more about it on our EPOC pages.

Opera for BeOS: Beta

We have released a beta version of Opera for BeOS. You can download it now or read more about it on our BeOS pages.

Opera for Linux: Alpha

Opera for Linux is now available in a technology preview version. You can download it now or read more about it on our Linux pages.

Opera for MacOS

Current Status - Internal Alpha: We are currently working on versions of Opera for MacOS. For more information about the progress of the version of Opera for your operating system, you can visit our porting page.

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