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Lieberman boosts Gore's ratings – Read this and other stories about Senator Joseph Lieberman

At the Democratic Convention it's suddenly cool to be a Jew – Read this and other stories about this week's Democratic National Convention.

World tells the touring Arafat: 'Go back and talk to Israel again' – Read this and other stories about the Mideast peace process.

Jews who lose
Compulsive gambling is a disease which strikes the Jewish community more frequently than substance abuse, but is not as widely discussed. "You cannot smell dice on someone's breath, and it is often a secret, easy problem to hide. But the long-term effects for a gambler and his or her family can be devastating" says Dr. Norman Kruedelbach.

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Read the new psalm from Debbie Perlman, "A Song of Praise." Also, check out our columnist archives.

Is America ready for a Jewish vice president?

If the recent choice of a Jewish vice-president's got you kvelling, why not continue the Jewish pride with a visit to the Jewish-American Hall of Fame? This cyber-museum features dozens of notable Jews from Albert Einstein to Barbara Streisand. You can test your knowledge with trivia contests, and nominate your favorite Jewish-American as well!

What is the holiday during the Hebrew month of Tamuz where you fast, and what is the meaning of this holiday? Read the answer. Or ask your own question of our Ask A Rabbi team.

The 2000 JCC Maccabi games have begun. Over 5,000 Jewish teenagers will come together from all over the world to compete in five sites across the United States. Get results, athlete profiles and more.

The Jewish Store features hundreds of books, a vast selection of music, Judaica, art, jewelry, software and much more. Visit our store today!

Todah L'Chem (Thanks Y'all) — Robbi Sherwin
This Austin, Texas singer and songwriter polishes off 11 original tunes that will keep you rockin' from start to finish (and then repeat)!

Book Kids Love Israel, Israel Loves Kids
by Barbara Sofer

Thinking about going to Israel with the family? This book has all sorts of great information about places to go and things to do.

The Priestly Blessing by Jackie Olenick
Renown artist Jackie Olenick has created this beautiful limited edition print based on the "Three Part Blessing."

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