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7-17-00: Discover the Whistler Preview (build 2250) in this exclusive introduction to the next version of Windows 2000!

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This site is dedicated to providing all of the information you need to evaluate Microsoft's upcoming Windows operating systems. These exciting new products will be based on
Windows 2000 , the most important product that Microsoft has ever released. The next version of Windows 2000, Windows.NET 1.0 (code-named Whistler), is expected in April 2001, while a future update, Windows.NET 2.0 (code-named Blackcomb), is due in 2002. Whistler will include both Consumer and Business editions. Meanwhile, Microsoft recently completed an interim Consumer Windows product, called Windows Millennium Edition ("Windows Me"), that will satisfy home users, game players, and other non-business customers until Whistler Personal Edition becomes available.

This Web site provides continuous updates about Windows 2000, Windows Me, and the Windows.NET products ("Whistler" and "Blackcomb"), while offering reviews, and technology showcases, all designed to give you the information you need to decide which Windows is for you. And the author of the SuperSite, Paul Thurrott, is a recognized Windows expert with over 10 years of Windows experience. Paul is the author of over a dozen books about Windows, Web and software development, and other computing topics.

Paul is also the publisher of WinInfo, the Windows Informant, a daily news and information newsletter for Windows users, and the News Editor for Windows 2000 Magazine, where he also writes a weekly Windows 2000 newsletter called Windows 2000 Magazine UPDATE. Between his books, newsletters, Web sites, magazine articles, and occasional guest spots on TV and radio, Paul reaches millions of users every month.

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