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PHP HTML Preprocessor5731.0%
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor9853.3%
PHP Hypermedia Preprocessor2915.8%


184 entries:
Zeev Hypertext Preprocessor  
Ben Rothebenrothe@willran.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Patrick Lenzscoop@freshmeat.netPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Hal Snyderhal@vailsys.comPHP HTML Preprocessor  
Peter Kovacskovacsp@egr.uri.eduPHP Hypertext PreprocessorWhile XML isn't hypertext per se, it definitely isn't HTML and Hypertext will atleast try to avoid that conflict.
Jay Hypertext PreprocessorThis space intentionally left blank
Manuel Oñatemom@momsoftco.comPHP HTML PreprocessorGreat product!!!
Pedro Melomelo@co.telenet.ptPHP Hypertext PreprocessorHypermedia was a close call, but a little to pompous (sp?) for me
Erik Liljencrantzerik@eldata.sePHP Hypertext PreprocessorProfessional Hypertext Processor would be less geeky than the recursive GNU-like definitions though as a programmer I could learn to like it...
Pedro Figueiredopfig@ip.ptPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Pablo Godelgodel@iwcc.comPHP HTML PreprocessorNone, go on with the good work
Tom Henrytomhenry@direct-connection.comPHP HTML PreprocessorStaying closer to the 'original' name would be nice: i.e. "Professional Homepage Preprocessor" Also - it eliminates the HTML v Hypertext v Hypermedia conflicts.
David HUntdhunt2@umbc.eduPHP Hypertext PreprocessorEnjoying PHP...
Joe Klemmerklemmerj@webtrek.comPHP HTML PreprocessorCall it "Fred" as long as it remains the greatest web development tool in existence.
Adam Trachtenbergadam@student.netPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Mark Jeftovicmarkjr@privateworld.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Pascal Deschênespdes@coba.netPHP Hypertext PreprocessorHypertext is a more general term
Pascal Le Bailpascal@ims.atPHP Hypertext PreprocessorI don't like the word "hypermedia", and _one_ abbreviation is sufficient!
Jeff Vierboinger@mailhost.netPHP Hypertext PreprocessorI think we're taking ourselves a bit too seriously with these choices. There are plenty of stuffy corporations using GNU programs, and i'm sure 99% of them have no idea what GNU stands for.
Wayne Abbottwabbott@accurate.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorThe initial name is comfortable to new comers. The media part doesn't really need to be there since a good programmer will find out all the capabilities PHP has once they dig deeper.
Roger Hillrhill@mcalbds.comPHP Hypermedia PreprocessorReally, I do not like any of them much. Why don't you just keep it as PHP without any expansion?
Troy Hypermedia Preprocessor  
Thomas Göttgensthomas@fivemile.orgPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Tony Hypertext PreprocessorI'd prefer to keep it PHP and let people make up their own minds as to what it all means... But, if we have to choose something, I suggest HyperText as you'll not put off XML Newbies.
Eric Thelineric@generation-i.comPHP Hypermedia Preprocessor  
Mats Klingmats@kling.nuPHP HTML Preprocessor  
Karl-Heinz Wildkh.wild@pircher.atPHP Hypertext PreprocessorSounds more professional.
Steve Fichtnerfichtner@kiva.netPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Christopher Heschongchris@wiw.orgPHP Hypermedia Preprocessor  
Ben Whiteben@platform.netPHP Hypermedia Preprocessor  
Rasmus Lerdorfrasmus@php.netPHP HTML Preprocessor  
Cale Hollingsworthcale@cohesive.netPHP HTML PreprocessorHybertext sounds to "marketing" orientated.
Anthony Norrisanorris@rcsreg.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorLess syllables that HTML, catches more of its functionality... why not: "Profound Hypertext Productions" go with "catchy" not obscure
chengcwcheng@mindspring.comPHP Hypermedia Preprocessor  
Al Brownabrown@guiworks.comPHP Hypermedia PreprocessorI don't like any of them. All too technical, and aren't good choices. Ie, Java is 'Java' and not Object Oriented Garbage Collecting Platform Indep Language or OOGCPIL for short. A preprocessor is somewhat right, but it's really an embedded scrip
hermanskm31101@mail.lrz-muenchen.dePHP HTML Preprocessor  
Alexander A. Mityaevamityaev@hotmail.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorPHP - rules ! ;-)
Laurens van Alphenalphen@craxx.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Jeff Schmittschmitt@towson.eduPHP Hypertext Preprocessor1) finish the vote 2) reconsider the the acronym first word, for example: Practical Hypertext Preprocessor
Ben Margolinben@talarian.comPHP HTML Preprocessor  
Colin Viebrockcmv@privateworld.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorI thought some of my suggestions were better: a) Professional Hypertext Parser b) Professional Hypertext Project c) Professional Hypertext Processor d) Professional Homepage Parser e) Professional Homepage Processor f) Parsed Hypertext for Professio
Russ Gritzogritzo@lanl.govPHP HTML PreprocessorHow about circumventing the whole HTML / hyper debate with something like 'PHP Hidden Preprocessor', since at some level it is hidden away in the server and preprocesses, and it hides complexity from the user? Of course I will pass on offering 'heuristics', since my programming seems random at times, or on hieroglyphic (given how obscure my own code can look even 2 days later) :} R.
PeterPeter@SpringStreet.comPHP HTML PreprocessorProgrammable HTML Preprocessor. Rasmus is on the right track. Think of the news articles as advertising.
Greg Bartongreg@createtech.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorI agree with the idea that "HTML" is too restrictive, and that "Hypermedia" sounds too hokey. So, #2 is in. But, what about "Pure Hatred for Pascal"?
gregory w. denisowskigregory@9voltnet.comPHP Hypermedia Preprocessorslicker sounding name
Richard Mossrichm@deal-mac.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Stig Venåsstig@venaas.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorI think HTML is too narrow and hypermedia is a little too wide
Clay Lovelessclay@crawlspace.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Joshua Kuglerjkugler@inreach.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorGetting a little hyper, aren't we? :)
David Norriskg9ae@geocities.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorHTML limits the language to HTML at a first glance. Hypermedia sounds too trendy. Hypertext is not quite clear. So, hypertext may force people to read a detailed description.
Jeffrey Hultenjeffh@premier1.netPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Dave Richardsonsuprdave@kzsu.stanford.eduPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Anthony Hypermedia PreprocessorI am a beginner to PHP. Um, I think PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor currently but I hope it will be a Hypermidia Preprocessor.
Dave Waltonwalton@nordicdms.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
mikemike@excite.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
eric perlmaneric@yikes.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorDunno, just sounds the best.
Daniel Schmittpnambic@opal.dePHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
GRaeme HTML Preprocessor  
Sergio Santosssantos@netlandia.ptPHP HTML PreprocessorPowerfull HTML Prerocessor ;)
Ted Behlingwebmeister@cyber-wizard.comPHP HTML PreprocessorNice Web site!
Cees Hekhekc@mcmaster.caPHP Hypertext Preprocessordefinately not "Hypermedia" since I don't think making up a new word is the way to go. Not HTML because of the XML arguements. After this has been decided, please bury this definition somewhere deep, so we can all go back to just calling it PHP...
Frank Duerringfrankd@unterland.dePHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Jeffrey Wattswatts@sunflower.comPHP HTML Preprocessor  
billbill_su@yahoo.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Sandino Araico Sá Hypertext Preprocessorsounds just good and that's enough
Paulo Candidopauloc@pobox.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorPeople Hate Perl Paradigmatic Hyper Parser Plenty of Heroic Programmers
Jeffrey Suejysue@aloha.netPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Alvaro Egea Alonsoaegea@tcpsi.esPHP Hypertext PreprocessorI have read the opinios of the dev team. Is right that only HTML let PHP poor with its naming. So Hypertext is better. Thanks for that incredible Script!
Kristian Köhntoppkk@shonline.dePHP HTML PreprocessorIt is really "People Hate Perl".
Boris Erdmannb@123.orgPHP Hypertext PreprocessorAlternate Vote: Pre Hypertext Processor Because its not even a whatsoever ...text preprocessor. Its a text processor
Øystein Folkvordfolkvord@orakel.ntnu.noPHP HTML Preprocessor  
Peter HTML Preprocessor  
Stefan Livieratosslip@netzmarkt.dePHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Giovanni Bartoliciofina@teta.itPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Ralf Kuehnbaumralf@geno.netPHP HTML Preprocessor  
Richard HTML Preprocessor  
ivan Hypertext Preprocessor  
amaleshak@living-source.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
s edbergsbedberg@ucdavis.eduPHP Hypermedia Preprocessoror: Psyber-Habitat Promulgator ? Please Harness Pandemonium ? Programs Harnessing Pandemonium ? Programming Habitat Partner ? Plentiful Human Pleasure ? ...I would _at least_ dump the "pre-" from the official suggestions, eg: PHP Hypermedia Processor
Christian Wibbingwibbing@student.uni-kl.dePHP Hypertext PreprocessorHypertext, that's what it is used for
Patrickpuzzled@symplexeurope.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Olivier FontenelleOlivier.Fontenelle@bigfoot.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor'hypertext' has a wider meaning than 'HTML'...
Petri Edelmannedepe@myy.helia.fiPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Fabrice Deleaufdeleau@comtech.bePHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Preben Randholrandhol@pvv.orgPHP HTML PreprocessorHypertext and Hypermedia is a too wide concept...
John Hypertext PreprocessorThey are all horrible names. But hypertext is the least worst(?).
Jim Petersjpeters@pobox.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Jan De Landtsheerjan@adnaccess.comPHP HTML PreprocessorWhoa Rasmus, a masterpiece of highest level you wrote here... I'll stick with HTML in short (Once one gets involved in creating WWW- content he (or she) should know what HTML might mean wouldn't (s)he ??
Daniel Burckhardtdaniel.burckhardt@usa.netPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Jaakko Hyvättijaakko.hyvatti@iki.fiPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Marco Iannaconemiannacone@dbk.itPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Patrick Audleypaudley+php3@blackcat.caPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Robert Augustineraugustine@ta-corp.netPHP HTML Preprocessornone
Bruce WoodwardBGW@Cyberstore.CAPHP HTML Preprocessor  
Mark Musonemusone@afterfive.comPHP HTML Preprocessor  
DeJuan Jacksondjackson@cpsgroup.comPHP Hypermedia PreprocessorI say go for clarity and let the fads sort themselves out.
Dan Nedoborskiinfo@ov-m.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorSounds and works
Noam HTML PreprocessorHeya ppl. Big thanx go to Andi gutmans, the young soldier, and Zeev Suraski, forever optimist.
Jay Cuthrelljay@nortel.netPHP Hypermedia PreprocessorSince this can be used to do more than hypertext preprocessing I am inclined to use the term "media"
Darrell Brogdondbrogdon@clever.netPHP Hypermedia Preprocessor  
Leon Atkinsonleon@clearink.comPHP Hypermedia Preprocessor  
Rick Beeberichard.beebe@yale.eduPHP Hypertext PreprocessorSeems like you're stuck on the GNU-recursion kick. But in this case it's more obfuscating than cute. I also don't see the need for Pre- on all those. My vote would be Programmable Hyper(text|media) Processor. Or Penultimate Helper [for web] Pages.
Emily Arkinemily_arkin@harvard.eduPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Jacob Anawalttech@sswa.hass.usu.eduPHP HTML PreprocessorI like the recursive name idea.
Dmitri Dubovoyddubovoy@yahoo.comPHP Hypermedia Preprocessor  
Mike Haldasmike@primonet.comPHP HTML Preprocessor  
Santosh Mallesansansud@yahoo.comPHP Hypermedia Preprocessor  
Doug Dunlopdunlop@eol.crestech.caPHP Hypermedia PreprocessorHow about making the first P stand for something like "Polymorphic Hypermedia Preprocessor"?
David Bullockdavidbullock@tech-center.comPHP HTML Preprocessor"KISS"
Ed Eggermonted@dsv.nlPHP HTML Preprocessor  
F. Malfattofmal@fmal.comPHP HTML PreprocessorI disagree that "PHP means 'PHP HTML Preprocessor'". It is self-referencing! (remember Godel ?) I think that the meaning of an acronym could not contain the same acronym !
Reidar Bratsbergreidar@ravn.noPHP Hypermedia Preprocessor  
Nuno Nunesnuno.nunes@co.ip.ptPHP Hypertext PreprocessorThank god for something this easy to use, yet this POWERFULL!!
Juraj Bednárbednar@isternet.skPHP HTML PreprocessorPHP isn't either Hypertext nor Hypermedia preprocessor, it is simply HTML, I think... And it's good in that, guys !
Stig Bakkenssb@guardian.noPHP Hypermedia PreprocessorBetter vote for ones own suggestions.
Egon Schmideschmid@delos.lf.netPHP HTML Preprocessor  
Daniel Hypermedia Preprocessor  
Chris Panayischris@freedom2surf.netPHP Hypermedia PreprocessorCos it's way kool!
Joejoe@jlknet.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorWhere did I put my copy of 'A Tale of Two Cities' and my OCR software?????? ;-)
Ralf Siepkerinfo@siepker.comPHP Hypermedia Preprocessordon´t like the other ones! ;-)
William W. Ferrellchoadster@earthlink.netPHP Hypertext PreprocessorI still thought "Professional Home Pages" was cool, but I agree that a name change might be appropriate.
John Bryantjohnnyb@electricvillage.comPHP HTML PreprocessorI don't really like any of them better than the current name.
Kathie Ferrarokathie@hardlink.comPHP HTML Preprocessor  
Mir S Islammislam@mindspring.netPHP Hypermedia PreprocessorI like the hypermedia option better since it not only processes hypertext but also other media (eg graphics).
Trurl McByte (AKA Alex Rassoha)trurl@asteria.odtel.netPHP HTML PreprocessorPofig!!!!
Joris Troostertrooster@interstroom.nlPHP HTML Preprocessor  
Dariusz Pazdzioradmin@wroc.netPHP HTML Preprocessor  
matt rifflephp-net@riffnet.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Tim Deckertdecker@cyber-corp.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorI think it should be Pretty Hot Product.
Brian Moonbrianlmoon@iname.comPHP HTML Preprocessor  
Eric Bazerghieric@thehouse.netPHP HTML PreprocessorWhen I see the word HyperText, I keep thinking of Apple. PHP HTML Preprocessor is the best choice.
Steve Lawrencesteve@eyekon.comPHP Hypermedia PreprocessorYeay, it's a glitzy word, but then PHP is more than a hypertext or html pre-processor! (I'd even say PHP is glitzy too!)
Dave Peckhamdpeckham@austinite.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Stary Milosstary@morbasin.czPHP HTML Preprocessor  
Jack Moffittjack@smu.eduPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Rich Yumulchewie@dtai.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Kenken@collectors.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorI would like "Scripting Language" in the name.
Joseph Sloanjjs@c-me.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Ludek Smidsmid@brno-city.czPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Pete Millerpete@worldclubs.netPHP Hypertext PreprocessorPhased Hypertext Processor? Phased Hypertext Processing? I think with XML, SGML, etc. making inroads, you should avoid locking into the current HTML buzzword since PHP will hopefully be around for a while longer.
Barry Voetenbarry@netland.nlPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Jim Fritzjimfritz@softhouse.comPHP Hypermedia PreprocessorIt is so much more that an HTML Preprocessor, and Hypertext is just a common name (if you will) for HTML.
Adelino Monteiroadelino@infologia.ptPHP Hypermedia PreprocessorHypermedia includes HTML and Hypertext and besides it sounds better ...
Pat Sherrillpatrick@coconet.comPHP HTML PreprocessorIf one has no political, ethical, technical, or religous aversions, go with the partner that brought you (ie. Ramsus).
Martin HTML Preprocessor  
Andi Gutmansandi@php.netPHP Hypertext PreprocessorI think it's the most technically "correct" name and it also looks much nicer than having two capitalized words next to each other.
Andrew Bartonandrewb@austinite.comPHP HTML Preprocessor  
David Hypertext Preprocessor  
Jeremie Millerjer@jeremie.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorWhy not try finding a word for the first P? Maybe "Programmable" or "Professional", or... "Perfect" :)
Ted Hardyewhardy@mindspring.comPHP HTML Preprocessor  
Charles Hallchall@totalsports.netPHP HTML PreprocessorClearly the most appropriate of the three.
Thomas Remmetommy@remme.netPHP HTML Preprocessor  
Michael Stearnemstearne@eisolutions.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor Hypertext PreprocessorI like PHP, just fine. It's not like anyone is ever going to type all that out anyway...
Fabio Mont Alegrespiceee@inf.ufsc.brPHP Hypertext PreprocessorHypertext sounds okay. And pretty much works to XML and other SGML documents.
Reiner KukuliesReiner.Kukulies@Uni-Koeln.dePHP HTML Preprocessor  
sylvia sorkinsorkin@clark.netPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Javierjaviers@antequera.comPHP Hypermedia PreprocessorViva GNU!
Patrick Marksmmarks@interlog.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor1. Drop the 'Pre' 2. Embedded acronyms don't flow -> Pocket Hypertext Processor (embedded feel) Practical Hypertext Processor (easy-to-use)
Chris Marstoncmarston@lands.ab.caPHP Hypertext Preprocessor
Paolo Supinovrkid@yahoo.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Paul Eberlepeberle@mnic.netPHP Hypertext PreprocessorSimple to use.
David HTML PreprocessorHonestly, "Professional Home Pages" was fine with me; both "hypertext" and "hypermedia" go a little beyond PHP's intended purpose. Not specifying a particular technology (viz., "HTML") keeps things a little more "portable" (HTML vs XML vs ???), too. Hypermedia Preprocessor  
Thomas Peter Sonne Olesentso@data.dti.dkPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Kaj-Michael Langmilang@tal.orgPHP HTML Preprocessor  
Ben Ginterbginter@abilnet.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorHrm, any other choices?
Mark Keaneymark@antenna.nlPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Paul Schroederpaulsch@saintjoe.eduPHP Hypertext PreprocessorJust call it PHP. Kentucky Fried Chicken changed it's company name to KFC. So why can't Professional Home Pages just become plain PHP?
Ophirophir@prusak.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorI would change the first P to professional
Christian Cartuschc@idgruppe.dePHP HTML Preprocessorphp is one of the best web/db-connectivity software.
Sander Steffannsander@nederland.netPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
David Monterrosopyro-x@conexion.orgPHP Hypermedia Preprocessor  
Kevin Lawrencekevin@alphazed.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Christof Damiandamian@mediaconsult.comPHP HTML Preprocessor  
Chris Pattipatti@merl.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorI think Hypertext is the best choice.. What if in the future folks use PHP/fi with XML?
Juan A. Ponsjpons@webjack.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Marc DelisleDelislMa@CollegeSherbrooke.qc.caPHP HTML PreprocessorWhat would be the meaning of the first P, then?
Samuel Romerosromero@usa.netPHP HTML PreprocessorWith this people will get the idea of what PHP does.
Brian HTML Preprocessor  
Mitch Goldenmitch@spiralmedia.comPHP Hypertext Preprocessor  
Ajmarta@mail.dnvr.uswest.netPHP Hypertext PreprocessorPHP Hypertext Preprocessor is better
Rodolfo Garciargarcia@solei.comPHP Hypertext PreprocessorSuggestion: PH Preprocessor Good? bad?
Dmitry Pomorindemo@cyberdude.comPHP HTML PreprocessorIMHO it expresses the aim of PHP more exactly. Thanks.

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