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Important note about chain letters

As the popularity of our site grows, it has come to our attention that "chain" email messages are being sent around the Internet misleadingly labelled as being associated with iWon.com. These messages may ask the recipient to forward the message to some number of other people in order to enter or be otherwise eligible to win a prize on iWon.com or may request addiitonal action by the recipient.

We want to be clear that iWon.com does not use "chain" email promotions as part of any of our cash or prize giveaways or for any other purpose.

Additionally, you will never receive official iWon.com mail from an address "@iwon.com", which is reserved for our free email service. All official messages from iWon.com will either be from an address "@help.iwon.com" or "@staff.iwon.com".

If you receive a message that appears to be from iWon, and instructs you to forward the mail to someone in order to qualify for a promotion or sweepstakes, please forward the message to our attention at: help@help.iwon.com so we can look into the matter.

We appreciate your understanding that we cannot prevent this type of "spam" mail from being sent to you, and we regret any inconvenience that you may experienced.

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