About Mind Body Medicine...

The essential foundation of mind body medicine is the recognition that for every experience in the mind, there is a corresponding change in the physiology and biochemistry of our body. We have a vast internal pharmacy that can be accessed through conscious choices we make in our lives. A key tenet of mind body medicine is that health is not the mere absence of disease. Rather, it is the dynamic integration of our environment, body, mind and spirit.

Reducing stress through meditation techniques, improving vitality through balanced nutrition, and developing flexibility, energy and endurance through yoga and exercise are a few of the basic approaches of mind body medicine, which have demonstrable health enhancing effects. Herbal medicine, massage, sound, movement and aromatherapy are other tools of mind body medicine that can advance mental and physical well being. Mind body medicine offers new possibilities for promoting and improving health through natural approaches that stimulate our body’s intrinsic healing system.


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