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Dealing with ADHD
In this two-part story, Monique Bordelon takes a look at how doctors and parents are helping children overcome attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. May 24
Part One: Recent research
Part Two: The ADHD diet

Five secrets to losing weight
Nutritionists say there are some small rules you can follow every day that will make a big difference when trying to lose weight. May 24.

Special Investigation: Eyewitness Wants to Know
Is the 40-year contract between SAWS and Alcoa a good deal for the city? Bob Salter takes a look in this special edition of Eyewitness Wants to Know. May 23.

Paranormal patrol
A San Antonio tour takes would-be ghost hunters in search for downtown spirits, with the help of some pretty high-tech tools. May 22.

The Rock speaks
Dewayne Johnson, better known as WWF's 'The Rock,' has always been many things, from a traveling sidekick to his wrestling father to a member of a championship college football team. Now he is the current WWF champion. May 19.

Danger in the sky
It was a tragedy that cost 110 lives, when Valujet flight 592 crashed into the Florida Everglades, a tragedy that some industry officials say could happen again if something isn't done. May 18.

Proving God exists
A renowned professor says he can scientifically prove God exists. May 17.

Sonny's miracle
Many people believe that the power of prayer can heal. Radio personality Sonny Melendrez believs it has in the case of his own daughter. May 14 and 15.

Beauty pageant secrets
All the Miss Universe contestants had a pretty smile and hourglass figures, but is there a little something "extra" you need in order to win a beauty pageant? May 12.

Prescription for danger
More than 83 million Americans use prescription drugs,but the state warns that using an online pharmacy could be a prescription for danger. May 11.

Headache relief
Headaches are one of the most common medical complaints, and yet for many patients and their doctors, the causes and treatment of these painful episodes are a mystery. May 10.

The new love drug
Since Viagra hit the market two years ago, there has been an explosion of herbal versions. But do these alternatives to the prescription impotence drug really work? May 9.

The clean kitchen test
A Northside resident gave us the okay to have a health inspector go through her kitchen looking for hazards. May 8.

Secrets of the cave
Researchers are harvesting microbes from deep within the earth in hopes of finding a compound capable of fighting cancer. May 7.

Deadly storm
Are we prepared for a storm like the one that hit Galveston in 1900 and killed 6,000 people? May 6.

Conversation with Cheech
Cheech Marin talks about his beginnings in Hollywood as half the zany duo "Cheech and Chong" to his current success on CBS' "Nash Bridges." May 5.

Get out of jail free?
Some people are unhappy that their tax dollars are helping people charged with a crime get out of jail. May 4.

Seeing red
Police say cracking down in areas where red light running is running rampant will help prevent accidents. May 3.

The gift of life
A little bit of advance planning could end up saving someone's life. May 2.

Daycare nightmares
Just because the state is regulating home day cares, parents should still be watchful. May 1.

Against the odds
Despite learning disabilities, one San Antonio family perseveres. April 30.

Antonio Daniels' secret weapons
Spurs' Daniels is living his and his brother's dream. April 29.

Ride at your own risk
Over the past few years, the safety of carnival rides has come into question. April 28.

Lasik alert
Doctors say eye surgery offers hope, caution. April 27.
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