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August 1 Lughnasad, 2000

I'm working on a general revision of the site. That means I've changed the design a bit, and of course, I am checking all the links. I've added a few new pages, including one on Gaulish related sites. I will, of course, continue my customary practice of doing all this without grammar or spelling errors. My firm adherence to this policy does not preclude occasional lapses into hitherto undiscovered Continental Celtic languages. ;)

You might want to pay particular attention to the following updated pages: Celtic music links , the fonts page.

I've been a fan of science fiction and fantasy novels for most of my life. After a lot of questions about novels inspired by Celtic myth and fairy folklore, I've added a page listing some of my favorites.

Reading Lists

These annotated reading lists contain books and articles that are scholarly in nature, though they are nonetheless interesting and provocative. I chose them based on personal taste and availability. If you are new to Celtic studies, I suggest some books for a Celtic studies starter kit.

Opinionated Celtic FAQs

These are some of the questions that people frequently ask me. I don't have many of the answers, though I do have opinions about lots of things, including where to find Celtic books, how to pronounce "Celtic," what the Celtic languages are, who the druids were, where to learn a Celtic language, and the best and only Celtic computer.

Celtic and Other Resources on the Web

These are sites about Celtic languages, cultures, and literatures that I have found interesting and useful. If you are utterly sick of things Celtic, here are some links to pages about some of my other obsessions.

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