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  Order Your Supporters Pack Now

We have introduced a supporters pack which consists of our official T Shirt and 2 official car stickers, we ask that you donate a minimum of £10 for each pack, if you can afford to donate more then it will be of great assistance to helping us increase our campaign profile and implement the many ideas that will require funding

For more information and to order your pack please click on the 'Supporters Pack' link in the left hand menu.


From Monday August 14th We Will Be Boycotting All BP Petrol Stations Across The UK Without Exception, This Boycott Is For Each And Every Day Until The Price Of Fuel Drops Significantly As Our Campaign Has Set Out To Achieve.

  Why We Are Boycotting BP

We are now about to enter into our most prolific battle in forcing the chancellor to take the British motorist seriously, now that 2 general boycott days have expired the propaganda machines are attempting to influence the media at every juncture in undermining the resolve of the British motorist in maintaining a boycott which lacks teeth. Well the media circus of "Dump The Pump" has been and gone and the chancellor will feel we naughty motorists should pick up our toys and be quiet again. Various newspaper campaigns and petitions only gave the ministerial shredding machines a bit of a headache; our own campaign only served as more negative fodder to diminish the motorist's interest in participating in anything useful. How many times have we heard people say "Well I'm not sure what effect not buying petrol on a Monday will achieve, you have to buy it sometime" and followed by "Can't see the point really, it won't make any difference to the government will it". So we need action, we need to give motorists the incentive to act and see results in effecting fuel price reductions, how can we do this? Quite easily really. As from Monday August 14th we all stay away from BP petrol stations in the UK. Not just on Monday August 14th but every day thereafter, until BP take this campaign to lower fuel prices seriously. BP will deflect attention to the petrol retailer and the effect it will have on their businesses, BP will also comment that they are unable to do anything about the level of fuel duty and that we should target the government and not them.

Once the combined effects of 3 million plus motorist's stop using BP filling stations, BP will most definitely bring the boycott of their petrol stations to the chancellor's attention. The British motorist deserves to join a campaign with muscle, no more acts of solidarity without effect. No, the time is NOW, we can drive the price we pay for fuel down, but only by staying united and focusing on BP can we enforce the issue. BP will set their public relations dept into overdrive in the attempt to deflect our campaign into the ether, they will claim "it's not our fault" "We don't make any money on petrol" "All you will effect is our franchise operators putting them out of business" "it's the government you should target not us". It would not take to long before a channel of dialog opens between BP and the chancellor, when both BP and the chancellor realises the effect us everyday motorists can inflict, the only by product of their dialog will be the reduction in fuel costs.

Things To Do

  • Make sure you become aware of your local BP stations
  • Make sure you plan your re-fuelling without needing to use BP stations
  • Make sure you explain fully the rational to others behind the BP boycott

We really can drive the price of fuel down by staying unilaterally behind the boycotting of all BP petrol stations in the UK from Monday August 14th and each and every day until the price of fuel drops significantly as our campaign has set out to achieve

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  Upcoming Event

Our friends at are holding a protest next Saturday August 19th in Cardiff, so please support the protest by meeting up in Museum Avenue at 1pm. For more details go to

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